Bundle up with these four essential scarves


It’s no secret that the weather is getting colder, and the bitter winter months are upon us. Fortunately, with the help of these four nifty scarves, you’ll be able to bundle up and face the infamous Michigan winters with a breeze, and look good while you’re at it.

The wool wrap-around: This scarf is perhaps your best bet for easy application and best form of warmth. I picked this one up at H&M last year and since then have gotten about 5 other colors!

The oversized carpet-scarf: Sure, it looks like window drapes or your grandma’s carpet, but these patterned scarves are super in-style at the moment. Try tying them different ways to create different looks, such as using it as a shawl, or wrapping it around your head to keep your face warm. I grabbed this one at a thrift store because vintage is never out of season.

The multicolored boho fashion scarf: I picked up this gem while visiting a small boutique in Plymouth. I love this scarf because I can pair it with a lot of outfits. It also provides a nice amount of warmth, while making a statement.

The homemade scarf your cat will steal: My mom actually made this scarf for me by using only her fingers! You can find this on YouTube by searching “DIY Finger Scarf.” It’s so authentic and warm; my cat regularly snags it out of my closet.

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