COT advisor, Keith Jason, takes stage at Lyric Lounge

Keith Jason is an advisor within the College of Technology and he is also the advisor of the Poetry Society.

“Don’t be nice, be NASTY!”

“You better GO IN.”

If you’ve ever heard either one of these lines, then most likely you’ve been around EMU’s Poetry Society (PS). “Who are we? PS, and we’re (clap) still here, (clap) STILL.”

They often host events on campus and different showcases. Campus Life brought us slam poetry, Thursday Nov. 5, with PS during a reoccurring campus event called the Lyric Lounge.

Typically at the Lyric Lounge events, there is a mixture of singing, rapping and poetry. There is also a combination of people who are members in PS, as well as students and even faculty that decide to get up on stage.

Topics often spoke on at Lyric Lounge include racism, prejudice, love stories, strength, as well as a recap of things people have been through. You can never come to a lyric lounge and be bored, as there is always something that steals the show.

All of the acts were absolutely wonderful, but there were a few which stood out. The act, which spoke volumes, was from the current president of PS, Gwendolyn Dean.

She spit bars about love and the relationship she’s in. This was probably the most emotional poem of the entire night. The entire crowd couldn’t help but to “aww” after she was finished.

There was another speaker that made everyone say, “Oh my gosh.” If you know Keith Jason, you know he’s probably one of the coolest guys on campus. Aside from being an advisor within the College of Technology, he is also the advisor of PS.

If you’re the advisor, you might as well take a turn on the stage. It was definitely something to look forward to as it was rumored it would happen sooner or later.

Jason got on the stage and spit some bars and might I add they were pretty nice. It was about his wife as he added a little comic relief and ultimately ending with the message that you have to support your significant other. This was another “aww” moment.

The Lyric Lounge is scheduled once a month. Every time you go, you’re bound to witness something different. The next Lyric Lounge is scheduled to take place on Dec. 3 at 9 p.m. in room 300 of the Student Center.

If you’re interested in joining PS, they hold meetings every Sunday at 5:30 p.m. in the Kive Room, Room 360 in the Student Center.

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