How to cope with stress of final exams

It’s no secret that our final exams are right around the corner with just three weeks away! While we are all patiently awaiting our time until the end of the semester and our winter holidays, it’s important to know how to effectively prepare for the end of our classes and how to manage our stress during this pretty frustrating time. offers the top ten solutions for dealing with exam stress, which include: listening to classical music, taking a walk, planning a study routine, playing with bubble wrap and puppies, getting enough sleep, getting help for studying using mobile apps, eating dark chocolate, letting out all of your aggression and breaking free from distractions.

All of these sound like great ways to cope with exam-time anxiety and heavy study loads. Personally, I like to prepare for exams by setting aside specific times during my week dedicated to certain classes, that way I’m not overwhelmed with having to study for five classes all in one sitting. I like to relax by motivating myself with a bag of Ghirardelli chocolates, binge watching Gossip Girl, and a nice hot bubble bath complete with candles and the sweet sounds of Frank Sinatra in the background.

No matter if you decide to de-stress by listening to some Chopin, (I recommend “Grand Polonaise Brillante Precedee D’un Andante Spianato, Op 22: II. Polonaise: Allegro Molto,”) or if you take a quick walk to the Student Center and indulge in a Green Tea Frappacino, may the Exam Gods be ever in your favor.

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