Students dance for a cause at annual Dance-A-Thon

Spencer Mattinson, disc jockey at the event, dressed as Chewbacca with Adrienne Cruz, founder and president of Pencils of Promise at EMU, dressed as Mystery.

“This is my fourth outfit today,” Megan Somodi, sophomore psychology major said at Thursday night’s 2nd Annual Pencils of Promise Dance-A-Thon, co-hosted by The Honors College.

The theme for the dance-a-thon was Monster Mash. The 153 students who attended dressed up in Halloween costumes to dance for a cause.

The event started at 6 p.m. and ended at midnight in the McKenny Ballroom. Attendees tried to be the last one standing.

Kristen Gutman, a junior psychology major, said she planned on staying until midnight but wouldn’t be dancing for the whole time.

Besides the dancing, there was corn hole, pumpkin decorating, face painting and snacks.

Pencils of Promise and the Honors College put on the dance-a-thon, which raises money and awareness to build schools in developing countries.

“The money that we raise we donate right over to the national organization of Pencils of Promise," Adrienne Cruz, founder and president of Pencils of Promise, said. "Every $250 is enough to send one kid to school for an entire school year, and that pays for their tuition, backpacks and supplies. Last year, we raised enough to send 3 students to school, so we’re hoping to surpass that this year."

More information on Pencils of Promise can be found on its Facebook page or on the organization’s website.

By Meghan Koglin / The Eastern Echo

Marley Higgbee got fake wounds painted onto his face at the dance.

By Meghan Koglin / The Eastern Echo

Diane Brinson-Days, secretary at The Honors College, paints fake wounds onto Marley Higbee.

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