DIY crafts to keep you motivated in 2016

January is already almost over and soon, if not already, we will be losing the excitement of bringing in 2016. To keep the momentum going, here are some easy, inexpensive DIY projects to kick-off the new semester and year.

1. Vision Board:Visually display New Year’s resolutions and goals to support achievement. Supplies are simple for your very own 2016 vision board: foam poster board ($2), digital images, hole punch, paper and printer.

First, list your hopes for 2016 and find positive images to correspond with each goal. As said by Andrew Carnegie, “If you want to be happy, set a goal that commands your thoughts, liberates your energy and inspires your hopes.”

Second, print off these goals and images and paste them onto the foam poster board. A bulletin board would also work great as a base for this project.

Next, think of an inspiring title for your 2016 vision board and paste it on the board. Also, print off inspiring phrases for space fillers and as motivation to reach these goals.

Then, punch two holes at the top of the poster board and feed twine, ribbon or fishing line through the holes.

Lastly, hang your 2016 Vision Board somewhere for daily inspiration to achieve your goals.

2. Inspiration Book:Remember those inspirational quotes you have retweeted, pinned, screenshotted or reblogged? Well, gather, organize and print these images off. You can even get creative and make an original image to call your own. Compile these quotes together in a report cover ($1) as a keepsake for difficult times.

When you are feeling down, open up the cover to these quotes you connected to once in your life. These quotes, which have ignited a spark or provoked self-reflection, may help get you out of your next slump. This book can give you insight or a new look on a challenging obstacle.

3. Daily Journal:Buy a cute journal at a dollar store or office supply store and use it throughout the year to express your thoughts and ideas. Logging your food choices in this journal can help you become aware of the foods consumed daily. This awareness can lead to conscious choices of healthier meals and snacks.

4. Memory Jar:Make your own memory jar to keep your dearest memories of 2016. Find a cheap jar at the dollar store or craft store. I decorated my 2016 memory jar with adhesive gemstones ($1), fancy stickers ($1.50), washi tape ($0.50), thin black ribbon ($0.50) and a hole puncher.

You can decorate the lid of the jar by adding a piece of scrapbook or craft paper to it. Use this link to access a free and printable 2016 memory tag: Hole punch the tag and feed the ribbon through it. Finally, wrap the ribbon around the lid and tie it in a cute bow.

Personalize your memory jar by choosing ribbons, stickers and gemstones of your favorite colors and patterns. At the end of 2016, have a bittersweet moment to cherish your memories of the past year.

These DIY projects can stimulate creative juices essential to the New Year! Try them out and share your own projects with us by tweeting @EasternEcho_AE.

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