Students enjoy hot cocoa and indoor ice skating at Winterfest

Students hold on to each other for balance while ice skating in the Student Center Ballroom.

Eastern Michigan University's Winterfest had ice skating, refreshments and student org tables with full sign-in sheets. Three table visitations was the only prerequisite to skate to Lil Jon, Kendrick Lamar and Jason Derulo.

Kaila Page, a freshman political science major, reveled in the confidence of the novice ice skaters as they wobbled onto the portable skating arena.

Deija Collier, a sophomore skater, said, “The arena is small but a creative activity! But don’t take it for granted that it’s indoors. It’s just as slippery and you should be careful!”

Venturing towards the conglomerate of fraternities, advisory committees and student organizations, Trae Burgess, a freshman considering being an advocate for the Disability Resource Center, said “I really enjoyed how they brought ice skating indoors, the marshmallows, hot cocoa and how all the student organizations came together in one place."

However, some felt that this year’s Winterfest had room for improvements. Student Elizabeth Lang said, “In the past four years, we’ve always had enough space for each organization. We have to share tables and there are crowding issues among the organizations. There needs to be earlier notification of the limited space so that we can prepare accordingly.”

Nonetheless, this year’s Winterfest can be characterized as informative, innovative and crowded, yet still festive.

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