The Annual Juried Student Show available for viewing at Ford Gallery

The Annual Juried Student Show is available for viewing in Ford Hall’s Gallery. This show features the work of undergraduate students whom are studying in one of the ten concentration areas in the Art Department. These students created their pieces within their classes under certain expectations for mediums, projects and levels.

Applicants for this show paid a fee to enter and this money will be distributed among three winning artists. Find out who the three winners are at the opening reception on Jan. 13 from 4:30-6:30 p.m.

The exhibit is judged by Andrea Cardinal, a print-maker, collaborator and teacher in the Southeast Michigan Area. Learn more about her at

Each piece viewed at this show displayed its inspiration in a unique way. The following three are ones I personally found intriguing.

Nichole Klein’s piece, “All is Well,” reminds viewers that though a storm appears to be around us there is always a calm spot among it. The image located inside of the phrase is one of a damaged car. The damaged car connects back to the branded phrase, even though it is impaired, all is well.

Repeat Registration in Moonby Emily Weir is astoundingly beautiful. The striking hand dyed purple silk background complemented the images on it very well. The moon is a natural entity and Weir highlighted the moon’s beauty in her piece.

“Beta;007”by Nick Clark is a 3D Print/Projection Mapping piece. The artwork flashed an enchanting light upon a three dimensional object. The variation of light rays beamed upon the object displayed a new perspective of the artwork. The uniqueness of this project inspired me to learn more about it.

The Annual Juried Student Show will be showing in Ford Hall’s gallery until Feb. 4. Contact Greg Tom at 734-487-0465 or if you have any questions.

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