Celebrate love with these Valentine's Day worthy films

Sometimes the best way to finish off Valentine’s Day is cuddling on the couch next to someone special in your life and watching a movie. It’s time to get your “Netflix and chill” on with these movies that are perfect to enhance your celebration of love.

These are all currently available to stream on Netflix:

1. Stuck in Love features the Borgen family and their complicated love interests. This movie stars Greg Kinnear, Jennifer Connelly, Lily Collins and Nat Wolff. A man, his ex-wife and their two teenage children all struggle to enjoy the many different aspects which come along with love.

2. Ghost with actors Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore is not your typical love story. After Swayze’s character, Sam, is murdered by his friend and corrupt business partner, he seeks the help of a psychic to protect his living girlfriend and to find peace.

3. If you have a sweet spot for historical romances Shakespeare in Love will be of interest. This movie takes place in the late 1500’s and gives us a fictional peek into a love story of the famous Shakespeare.

4. Chocolate, is a movie with the Valentine’s Day basics; heartthrob Johnny Depp, France and chocolate. Experience the flavor of chocolate in this film through it’s touching scenes.

5. Turn back the clock again to the 1800’s with Pride and Prejudice. This movie highlights the experience of love in the British Regency.

Although the following list of movies are not available on Netflix, they are still Valentine’s Day worthy:

6. The oh so classic, The Princess Bride, presents a fascinating love story told to a sick grandson by his grandfather. Buttercup and her true love finally find each other after a longtime separation. However, they still must fight off the evil of Florin to finally be happy together.

7. The Proposal is a romantic comedy costarring the hilarious Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. It is guaranteed a laugh out of anyone who watches it.

8. Watch The Titanic for an action packed romantic movie. Jack and Rose fight through social castes and the tragic sinking of the “ship of dreams.”

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