Graduate Student Art Exhibition displays at Ford Gallery

Rita Lee’s piece, I Know Exactly Who I Am When I’m Alone, displays different feelings through 3-D clay figures.

The Graduate Student Art Exhibition is currently being displayed at the Ford Hall Gallery. This all-media exhibition features the work of MA and MFA graduate students. These works of art will be available to view until March 9.

Rita Lee’s piece, I Know Exactly Who I Am When I’m Alone, expresses the many different feelings and actions felt when surrounded by others, displayed through 3-D clay figures. When isolated, these feelings, actions and beliefs become lucid.

Cathy by Jennifer Lickers is a video with the spotlight on a woman telling her story of immigration. She speaks of her hardships encountered and finding comfort in the United States. A woman of her heritage’s body is projected onto the background of the video. Her face fills the spot of her head, but you can tell she does not fit the body because she does not fill the mold of this immigrant.

Myron Brownie’s, Shoe-tie and Leda as Cinderella, are oil on canvas works. Painted ballerinas fill the canvas with poise and grace through their successes and losses. The artist changes the shades of blue in the background to convey the contrasting emotions felt between the different dancers. Lighter hues of blue are blended to accessorize her success. Darker hues of blue are used to amplify her loss.

Visit Ford Gallery to view the Graduate Student Art Exhibition and share your thoughts on the pieces by tweeting us @EasternEcho_AE.

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