Freshman guidebook 2016


You might want to get familiar with the campus map just in case your classes are a further walk than you think. Don't mind the campus squirrels because they are known for being friendly.


The last free lot near campus is no longer available, so the odds are slim of  you finding free parking on campus. Not paying attention to where you leave your car could result in either a parking ticket, or your car being towed depending on where you are. Parking in most lots cost 1.50 per hour, or 100 dollars per semester for a parking pass. So if you are commuting to campus leave some extra time to find a spot.


When it comes to getting your books you may want to email your teacher and make sure you need to buy the book before you spend money on it. You can save money by buying books online, so don't wait until the last minute.

Financial Aid

Apply for financial aid early, and follow through with all the necessary paper work. On top of that don't slack on the opportunity to apply for scholarships. Every little bit helps!

Library Hours

Halle library is the hub for all your studying needs. The hours vary so just check the website weekly, and the hours are always extended in time for finals week.

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