Friday night film, "Suicide Squad"

The film “Suicide Squad” was shown at the Eastern Michigan University’s Student Center as part of Friday night film, a Campus Life event. The film is about a group of villains recruited to stop the Joker, a villain perceived to be an even bigger threat than the recruited crew of villains. In return for completing their mission, the government offered the recruits a shortened prison sentence. The film portrays the Suicide Squad as a group of misfits who aren’t accepted by society, and who wants to have another chance at making it in the world. The crew is named Suicide Squad because of the level of difficulty and how dangerous their mission is.

This film had a unique take on the superhero genre. Instead of focusing on superheroes, it focuses on characters that have been considered anti-heroes or super villains. These super villains work together to stop the Joker, which is different compared to other traditional hero films. The film has a very different vibe, and it creates reason for its own unique genre.

The film faced criticism because of the complex story line that tried to combine each of the character’s backstories into one main plot, such as Harley Quinn’s relationship with the Joker, Deadshot’s relationship with his family, and Killer Croc’s own backstory. However I believe tying together the backstories of these characters into one main plot made the film more interesting, and also made the audience feel more compassion for them. The film makes audience members want to understand how the characters feel, and follows the villains on their mission as they are faced with a chance at being good.

While the film has been very controversial in the comics community, I personally think that it puts a unique spin on the superhero genre. It puts a focus on the super villains this time, and explores what could happen when villains are given an ultimatum.. I would recommend this film because of how different it is compared to other superhero films. It has a strong intricate story that explores the different personalities of these super villains, and how easily the lines between good and bad can be blurred.  

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