Letter to the Editor: Abortion

Dear Editor,

I write this letter for the well being of all students on this campus and on all college campuses across the country. I am very tired of the “liberalization,” of the upper level educational system. Every ideal is based on beliefs of the left, from political, to social issues. When it comes to the belief on abortion for instance, if you are anti-abortion, you are automatically considered a misogynistic, racist, anti-human person. Even when scholarly scientific evidence, cited in APA format is submitted, proving that life begins at conception, it is tossed out as “patriarchal,” mumbo jumbo. 

“The single-celled embryo is not just a cell, but an organism, a living being, a human being.”

American College of Pediatricians (2017 Oct 16) “When Human Life Begins.” 

Now, if I want to disagree with a belief that is put in front of me, with evidence, cited in APA format, I can’t argue it. That is the problem with universities these days. It is only to agree with the “progressive left.” According to Dave Rubin, a Democrat and a married gay man, the left is not even progressive anymore, it is considered regressive. 

“The Regressive Left” is a hierarchy of “oppression” based simply on minority status, judging people on their racial/cultural/gender identity rather than their individual merits.”

Bandler, A. (2017 Oct 16) “Rubin: Why I Left the Left.”

The week of October 9, 2017, there was a pro-life rally on campus. Everyone was upset, and the event was counter protested immediately. But the next day, a pro-choice rally was held, and no one said anything. That event was not, at least to my knowledge, counter protested. EMU until a few years ago was not even allowed to have a pro-life group on campus. A law suit had to be settled to allow it. Research the court case “Students for Life at Eastern Michigan University v Parker.”

The bottom line is this. It is not just the issue of abortion, but it is all issues that lean towards the right. Do we want to continue this way? The first amendment states we have freedom of religion. Why are we silencing the beliefs of Christians, when it comes to issues like the ones I mentioned? The first amendment also states freedom of speech. Then why do we silence those who we disagree with? The first amendment also states the freedom of peaceful assembly. Then why are we not allowing those with different beliefs to stand up for what they believe? That is the problem with universities. “If you are not with us, you are against us.” That is how it is. It is sickening that we live in the United States of America, a democracy, and we cannot equally speak our mind. That ideal system is not found in democracies, but in socialistic, communistic, and dare I say totalitarian societies. There if you disagree, you are arrested, jailed, killed, and/or erased from existence like in Orwell’s 1984. 

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