English as a Second Language Student Symposium

The English as a Second Language (ESL) Program held their ESL Student Symposium on Dec 7, in the Student Center Ballroom.

They started off with a special welcome to all guests from the student emcees, Mohammed Alyami and Jicheng Zhou, as well as a couple of their advanced English speaking students in the class.

Some of the students brought various snacks and drinks from their cultures, to encourage and engage in their diversity.

Students gave presentations to show how they each adapted to Eastern with the help of classmates. They also presented how each students' English level was different from when they first arrived, and improving since then. 

First were the video presentations to remind everyone that all students are welcome at EMU and no ethnicity or culture should feel left out. Each student then had their own individual presentations whether a PowerPoint, video, or essay. 

The students were organized by their different mastery levels of speaking English, from level 200-500 classes. Individual presentations went on for about 30 minutes before it was time for the awards ceremony.

This is an amazing program that allows many students from different cultures to come together and learn ways to adapt to new environments. 

If you know anyone that may benefit from this program, you can refer them to ESL. They are located at 317 King Hall or they can be reached by email at esl@emich.edu.

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