Police Blotter Jan. 14 – Jan. 20

Sunday, Jan. 14 

A student in Pittman Residence Hall had marijuana, paraphernalia and liquor confiscated by police at 4:14p.m. 

Monday, Jan. 15

A computer monitor was reportedly stolen from and office inside Roosevelt Hall between 5p.m, Jan. 12 and 8a.m., Jan. 15. The crime was reported at 9:25a.m., Jan. 15. 

A student was arrested and charged with domestic violence and malicious destruction of property at Pittman Residence Hall at 9:11p.m.

Tuesday, Jan. 16

A parking hangtag was reportedly stolen from a student’s car parked in Maythew Lot between 12p.m., Jan. 8 and 12p.m., Jan 9. The crime was reported at 9:27a.m., Jan. 16. 

Wednesday, Jan. 17

No crimes occurred 

Thursday, Jan. 18

A stolen license plate was retrieved from a vehicle in the Mckenny staff lot at 11:11a.m. 

Friday, Jan. 19

A student’s roommate reportedly assaulted them in Buell Residence Hall at 2:36a.m. The crime was reported at the same time. 

Saturday, Jan. 20

An unknown subject burned holes into the couch of a Walton Hall dorm room between 7a.m., Jan. 1 and 3p.m., Jan. 19. The crime was reported on Jan. 20 at 1:34p.m. 

Two students got into a verbal dispute in the elevator at Hoyt Residence Hall at 2:30p.m. 

Juvenile individuals were accused of breaking the windows of a house 409 S. Huron Street with stones. The crime occurred and was reported at 3:09p.m. 

Sixty dollars was stolen from an individual's locker at the Old Robbs REC/IM at 5:36p.m. 

Graffiti was found on the bathroom wall in Halle Library at 5:45p.m. The crime was reported at 5:54p.m. 

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