The Late Station Hosts Ypsi Local Bands

When it comes to parties and events at EMU, nothing can top the house show. There’s something magical about walking into a stranger’s dimly lit, poster covered basement to hear some trippy indie or punk music from a local garage band. While house shows with local live music from Ypsi and Ann Arbor seem to be on the decline in recent years, things might soon be looking up for the scene. 

A local do-it-yourself venue, The Late Station, hosted a show on Saturday, March 24. Located near Tom’s Party Store and Forest Avenue, the basement party space boasted acts from Ypsi’s own Honey Monsoon and Cig Butts, who play a mixture of  jazz-rock and blues. Also featured were Nadim Azzam and Summer like the Season,  both hailing from Ann Arbor.

Nadim mixed things up with a hip hop alternative session and Summer like the Season gave summer vibes with their indie/safari rock. The atmosphere inside the venue is amazing, everyone is super carefree and chill, and the music is genuine and heartfelt from bands that are local in the community. 

In between set breaks featured a fire twirler in the driveway and live painting to Honey Monsoon's music. All information about upcoming shows can be found on The Late Station page on Facebook. 

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