How to get Organized in our busy world


We all have busy schedules nowadays and what is a better way than to make an old fashioned to do list? Sure, we can have Siri make us reminders and Alexa can add things to our grocery lists, but sometimes writing our tasks down can really benefit us in more ways than you’d expect. Researchers at Princeton claim writing it down will help you remember it. This can be especially helpful if you're taking summer courses. Here’s a few great ways to get motivated!

Invest in a yearly planner. This method can go one of two ways. You could either get a small inexpensive little planner, just from the dollar store or Target – just something to jot down everything quickly. Or, you go to the route of memory planning – this is partly scrapbooking while planning. There are hundreds of inspirational photos on Pinterest and Instagram that can help you get creative! Just look up the tag planner-addict on any social media site and we’re sure you’ll find what you’re looking for.

If you’re taking summer classes, it might be helpful to write down when your largest projects are due. If you have a summer job, write down all the shifts your work and their starting and ending times. Or, if you’ve gotten into an internship this summer you can definitely plan your daily schedule each morning or evening. Looking ahead at your full week will help you stay on track and feel centered throughout it. 

Get a calendar. Calendars are an easy way to keep on track. They’ll have national holidays pre-written as reminder for you and you can cross off each day of the year as you go, that’s the fun. Plus, there are so many themed calendars out there now – pictures of dogs, cats, bunnies, flowers, sceneries, celebrities, popular bands, you name it the book store has probably got it! If you don’t feel like buying a calendar, Google has got you covered: just type into your search bar ‘Google Calendar’ and it will take you to a spread that looks like a real schedule planning calendar. 

These are just a few ways to help get organized. There are lots of other ways to keep your days in check, you just need to find what works best for yourself. Hopefully some of these tips will inspire you to get it in gear and dominate this summer season!

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