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The Michigan Challenge Balloonfest in Howell, Michigan

Howell had their ever-popular hot air balloon festival recently and many were amazed at the colorful balloons lifting off high into the air. This year’s fest was majorly sponsored by Cleary University, which isn’t too unfamiliar with Ypsilanti. According to the history page on their official website, Cleary was founded on the corner of Huron and Congress streets which would become Michigan Avenue in the future. Walking back to meet some of the pilots that day, I ran into the president of Cleary University and he was happy to introduce me to their representing pilot. 

The Incredibles 2 Review

The first Incredibles movie came out in November of 2004 and was rated a 97% on Rotten Tomatoes. This year on June 15 the Incredibles 2 was released in theaters. I can whole heartedly say I was beyond excited to see this film. Not only did I love the first one but my own father loved it too and often would refer to himself as Mr. Incredible. The whole family loved the Incredibles and for good reason. Disney Pixar has done a fine job with the first Incredibles film and now I can say the same for the second. 

Review of Detroit Vegan Souls Restaurant

I was sitting having a coffee in the early afternoon and noticed there weren’t many vegan options I’d like to try at the place I was at the time, and the prices weren’t really my taste. I also realized I had never been to a fully vegan restaurant before and would really like to go. As a disclosure, I myself am not a full vegan – however, I have developed a health condition that prevents me from eating dairy now and therefore I like to use vegan products to replace the dairy products I used to love. Visiting a fully vegan restaurant was the best idea I had for lunch that day. I simply typed ‘vegan food’ into my GPS on my phone, and the first choice that came up said Detroit Vegan Soul. 

Great Camping Spots in Michigan

Many Michiganders grew up taking the occasional trip to the campground as children. But if you’ve grown up around the Metro-Detroit area, maybe you’ve never been past camp Dearborn and would like to really experience nature, maybe even see a bear! Michigan has much more to offer if you do a little bit of road tripping to get there. Here’s five of the nicest spots in Michigan to take a camping trip!

How to get Organized in our busy world

We all have busy schedules nowadays and what is a better way than to make an old fashioned to do list? Sure, we can have Siri make us reminders and Alexa can add things to our grocery lists, but sometimes writing our tasks down can really benefit us in more ways than you’d expect. Researchers at Princeton claim writing it down will help you remember it. Here’s a few great ways to get motivated!

5 Festivals in Michigan this summer you don’t want to miss!

Michigan has a lot to offer and one of the most popular summer treats is the festivals. Recently we found a whole list of them online, ironically named, but it lists all the festivals happening in Michigan this summer. In this article we’ve picked a few from the list you may want to check out!

5 Healthy Alternatives to Everyday Foods

Americans consume unhealthy amounts of fat in their regular diets. This may not be true for every one of us but a majority of Americans do not live a healthy life style or pay attention to what they put in their body. This can cause more than just weight gain. It can lead to major liver and heart problems, as well as stomach and digestive issues. These five foods will help any cook stay a little more on the health conscious side.