Tag Movie Review

One great thing about summer is all the blockbusters hitting the movie theaters. I’ve taken in quite a few so far but the most impressionable was “Tag,” a comedy based on a real-life story.

The movie stars Jon Hamm, Ed Helm, Jake Johnson, Jeremy Renner, and Hannibal Buress as five friends immersed in an intense version of the child’s game that has lasted 30 years. The premise had me intrigued, but it was no surprise that the plot line was predictable. Even the twist at the end was visible from about 15 minutes in. The only aspect that really left me guessing was how Buress and Hamm we’re supposed to be the same age. Which could have yielded the low reviews by critics. Despite weak plot points, there were hilarious jokes and physical comedic moments. The leading gentleman gave good performances but the surprisingly hysterical antics of supporting actress, Isla Fisher, stole the show.

In its entirety, the heartwarming premise resonated with me. This movie is based on a true story about a group of guys who, through life events, stayed connected through a simple game of tag. It got me thinking about how college can be a place to build great friendships but it’s also the last stop before life takes you in many different directions. Using a simple premise, like the game of tag, can keep that connection going when time gets in the way. For that lesson, I give this movie a thumb up. Running to the theater isn’t necessary but checking it out on Netflix should be.

Grade: B   

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