Campus Life Hosts Trivia Night


Quick! What phrase does the Evil Queen in “Snow White” say? When does “Stranger Things” take place? What year was Netflix founded? These questions and more were asked at Campus Life’s Trivia Night, on September 20 in the Student Center. This was the perfect place for future “Jeopardy!” contestants to test out their knowledge of useless facts.

Trivia nights have been proven to be a very popular pastime with college students. “It’s something we’ve done in the past,” said Jillian Mohr, a junior double majoring in entrepreneurship and digital media production. Mohr works for Campus Life, which set up this event. “Everyone likes trivia.”

The game used the Kahoot! trivia website, which allows contestants to participate on their smartphone. Users would go to the website, enter the code which lets them into the game, and would let them create a username. The game works in a format similar to the popular “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” game show, where a contestant is given a question and four choices. If you were asked “Where is the Netflix headquarters located?” for example, you would choose from four possible answers; California, Arizona, New York, or Florida. You would then have one minute to guess your answer. (For the curious, Netflix is located in California.)

The trivia game consisted of four categories made up of 40 questions. The categories were Disney, Netflix, sports, and mysteries. It took a bit of planning to figure out the best categories that college students would be interested in.

“We brainstormed some topics, we put them into a poll, and let student staff members choose the top picks from what we got,” Mohr said.

The winners of each round had a selection of prizes to choose from. The prizes included posters, DC Comics books, Funko pops, and rubber ducks.

Many trivia night participants thought that this was a great event to have been part of. 

“I like the competitive aspect and I like to challenge my knowledge,” said NinaMaria Badalamenti, a senior double majoring in communications and electronic media. 

“It’s pretty fun,” said Tyler Ford, a junior majoring in marketing. “I like trivia games.”

Trivia Night, like other Campus Life events, are popular places for many EMU students to hang out at during their free time. These events are also considered good events to meet people and do new things.

“I like being around other people,” said Alison Field, a freshman majoring in elementary education. “I don’t get out a lot.”

“I think Campus Life events are cool”, said Badalamenti. “I think they are a good opportunity to do things with your friends, and make new friends.”

Trivia Night is one of many events that Campus Life puts out throughout the year under the “EMU After Dark” name. Past Campus Life events have included Game Night, Jazz Night, and Lyric Lounge. Campus Life also puts on the weekly “Friday Night Movies” program. 

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