Student Senate Passes Resolution To Amend Tobacco Free Policy

The Student Senate at Eastern Michigan University (EMU) discusses whether to pass resolution 105-13, which would allocate funds to the Departments of Political Science, History and Philosophy, and the Center for Jewish Studies to inform individuals about peaceful, protective, and legal means for supporting victims, and preventing acts, of "religious and political violence."

Before dismissing for Thanksgiving recess, the Student Senate announced the passing of three resolutions during their biweekly meeting held in the Student Center.

With only one member of the community and the executive board present, the Senators passed three resolutions regarding the campuses smoking policy, internal affairs and reallocating funds within the university.

Resolution 130-09 passed with an 8-5 vote, encouraging the Board of Regents to amend its Tobacco Free Policy to explicitly mention marijuana. This includes renaming the policy to be smoke free, and calls for enforcement of the policy by the Department of Public Safety and Office of Wellness and Community Responsibility.

Sen. Sam Jones-Darling supported the resolution, saying the strict enforcement the Tobacco Free Policy promised was not being carried out by the university.

Sen. Kirk Suchowesky also supported the resolution.

“I don’t want nicotine . . . or marijuana products of any form on campus,” said Schowesky. This policy will successfully address the passage of Proposal One and amend the Tobacco Free Policy to include marijuana.

Eastern Michigan University released a statement following the passing of Proposal One, earlier this month, reiterating its stance against the consumption of marijuana on campus included in its Alcohol and Other Drug Policy

Resolution 130-13 allocated $1,000 to the Departments of History and Philosophy, Political Science, and the Center of Jewish Studies to host an event that informs students about peaceful, protective, and legal means for preventing acts of religious of political violence.

Suchowesky, author of the proposal, made a statement for the victims of these tragedies.

“They were attacked,” said Suchowesky. “And an attack on them and there identify is just as important if any other group, community, individual was attacked . . . They ought to be condemned.”

Sen. Balaal Hollings was the lone voice of opposition suggesting paying for this event shouldn't be necessary, as a collaborative event to educate students in a nondiscriminatory matter could be possible without using funds.

The resolution passed 12-1.

Resolution 130-12 passed 13-0, restructuring the transportation committee into a commission that will include students not apart of the Senate. They will have voting power after attending two meetings.

Meeting minutes and the resolutions passed can be found here. The meeting was live streamed, and can be watched below.

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