About Us

First called the Normal News when founded in 1881, The Eastern Echo has served the Eastern Michigan University and Ypsilanti communities as an independent student newspaper for more than 130 years.

2019-20 Editorial Board

Editor-in-Chief: Ally Graham, editor@easternecho.com, 517-672-2009

Managing Editor: Austin Elliott, managing@easternecho.com

News Editor: Sophia Kalakailo, news@easternecho.com

Assistant News Editor: Dan D’Introno, dintrono@easternecho.com

Sports Editor: Luke Gremban, sports@easternecho.com

Podcast Editor: Ronia Cabansag, podcast@easternecho.com

Opinions Editor: Heather Weigel, opinions@easternecho.com

Comics Editor: Nick Megdanoff, comics@easternecho.com 

Digital Editor: Liz Erne, digital@easternecho.com

Design Chief: Mat Mufarreh , design@easternecho.com

Copy Editor: Jenna Robinson, jrobinson@easternecho.com

Copy Editor: Tiffany King, tking@easternecho.com

Getting Involved

Interested in joining the Echo staff?

Go to the jobs page or contact the managing editor with any questions.

Need advertising information?

Visit the advertise page for more information. Call Professor You Li at 734-660-0011, email advisor@easternecho.com, or click on the Classifieds link in the menu above to post a classified ad.

The Echo offices in King Hall are always open to members of the Ypsilanti community. Stop by for a chat and see the faces behind the newspaper.

Publishing Schedule

Fall and Winter semesters (September-April): Mondays except during the holiday break and spring break. The Echo website, www.easternecho.com, is updated daily throughout the year.

Drop by for a visit

The newspaper offices are currently located on the second floor of King Hall on Eastern Michigan's campus. After entering King's West door, The Echo offices are up the stairs and the first door on the left.

What does "independent" mean?

Per EMU Regents Policy and board practice, the Eastern Echo newspaper and other student-created media in the Department of Student Media operate independently in order to provide editorial freedom for the student editors. The Student Media Board of Directors provides oversight, and the director of Student Media administers the department on behalf of the board. The university and/or university administrators or officials do not dictate, preview, vet or veto content in the student-created media. All Echo employees are required to be at least part-time students at the university. The only full-time staff member is the department director who advises the editors and staff but does not exercise prior restraint on content matters. The director also oversees the day-to-day operations, including advertising sales, and implements department policies and procedures.

Reader Comments

The Eastern Echo encourages readers to participate in a dialog on the news and information presented on The Echo website by submitting comments. Not all reader comments will be published, and some comments, after publication, will be removed if they are deemed offensive, off-topic, inflammatory or spam by the editors.

Reader comments that will be removed from The Echo site include but are not limited to:

  • Hate speech or personal attacks
  • Comments intended to incite violence
  • Commenter pretending to be someone else
  • Plagiarized comments or copyright infringement
  • Spam and advertising

The editors do not pre-screen reader comments. Therefore, some unacceptable comments may appear online briefly until reviewed and removed by an editor.

Readers who feel a comment is unacceptable for any of the reasons stated above are encouraged to click on the “Flag for moderation” link below the comment and alert the editors. Readers are also encouraged to contact the editors directly by email at the addresses listed above.