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Grindhouse Review: 'Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2'

(03/20/13 11:28pm)

From writer, director and editor Lee Harry comes the next installment to the cult slasher franchise, “Silent Night, Deadly Night” with part two. Shot on a budget of just under $300,000 and somewhat incorporating new material based on the original film’s storyline, the film picks up years after the death of Billy Caldwell (Robert Brian Wilson) who was the poor helpless soul who snapped after witnessing his parents being brutally murdered by a violent criminal in a Santa suit.

Student acts in ‘Oz,’ prepares to graduate

(04/03/13 10:40pm)

There once was a man from Detroit with hair of grey and a hearty laugh whose talent and charm dropped him in the land of Eastern Michigan University. With drive in his spirit, he delivered his lines with delight and the desire to act on the grand stage. With a nod from Sir George Clooney, the legendary good man from Hollywood, he found his world turned on its side and emerged in awe with a yellow brick road that would lead him to a lifetime opportunity.

Grindhouse Review: 'Django Unchained'

(04/07/13 8:34pm)

“Django! Django, have you always been alone? Django, have you never loved again?” Marching across East Texas, chained to several other slaves, a melancholy figure drags forth through the dust and grime of the scorching desert. On his way to his new owner’s estate led by the Speck brothers, the figure pushes forward while being pursued by an unknown being. He is a lone soul carrying a long, pale, bleak expression on his face. His name is Django (Foxx), and he’s an African-American slave caught in the middle of a slave tradition set in the year 1858, just three years before the Civil War.

New ‘Evil Dead’ not like original

(04/07/13 8:42pm)

Producer and original director Sam Raimi and film star Bruce Campbell, who plays the film’s hero Ash, chose up-and-coming director Fede Alvarez to create a remake of the first in the “Evil Dead” series. This cult classic remake pulled in $1.8 million in late shows Thursday, creating more revenue than the original but leaving some fans with a bad taste in their mouths.

Grindhouse Review: 'Rear Window'

(04/17/13 8:04pm)

Riveting, brilliant, bold, daring and a masterful exercise in the art of suspense are a few words that describe Alfred Hitchcock’s cinematic masterpiece, “Rear Window.” Already within the top contenders for the 100 greatest movies of all time, Hitchcock redefines suspense and puts us in a voyeur’s shoes as we descend into a secret world of drama, lost romance and murder.

“Man of Steel” has action, yet lacks pathos

(06/24/13 7:25pm)

Like the one man trinity known as Superman/Clark Kent/Kal-El, producer Christopher Nolan and director Zack Snyder have a difficult time maintaining a consistent cinematic identity with their “Man of Steel.” “Steel” is an origin story that tells how Kal-El was born, shows how Clark was raised by foster parents in Kansas, and finally how Superman came to be.