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How to keep your ego in check with reality

(10/07/09 10:05pm)

Some would say the impossible happened on Aug. 5 of this year. Early on that blistering summer morning a wonderful thing took place on a runway in Los Angeles, California. Two American journalists (Euna Lee and Laura Ling) held captive in a North Korean prison camp for close to five months came home to America, courtesy of former President Clinton’s strategic diplomacy.

Letter: EMU could do without football

(10/07/09 10:08pm)

Eastern Michigan University has about a $1.8 million yearly football budget. We have 99 men on the roster, yet only 40-50 will see any play time. This means we spend about $13,000 per player this year or $26,000 per player who will see play time this year. EMU has only won 22 games in the past seven years. This is an average of 2.75 wins a season, meaning it costs us about $645,000 per win.