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Japanese government has tough budget choices to face

(10/18/09 7:04pm)

TOKYO – Now all the budgetary requests by government entities have been made, the Cabinet will face two choices: either turn a blind eye to the nation's huge debt and place priority on realizing the ruling bloc's campaign pledges, or avoid further issuance of government bonds and give up on certain campaign pledges. The government of Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama effectively bloated the total amount of budgetary requests to realize campaign pledges made for the Aug.

Pakastani troops move to risky area to make new strikes

(10/18/09 7:10pm)

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan – The move by Pakistan's military into the Taliban and al-Qaida stronghold of South Waziristan on Saturday launched a risky offensive widely seen as the key to crushing a militancy that has destabilized the nuclear-armed nation. The challenges are daunting: The military will face unforgiving terrain along the Afghan border that has long been viewed as a possible hide-out for Osama bin Laden, as well as a battle-hardened enemy likely to respond by stepping up bloody attacks across the country.

Afghan president, challenger OK runoff on Nov. 7

(10/21/09 5:54pm)

KABUL - Now comes the hard part. Afghan President Hamid Karzai, under heavy pressure from the Obama administration, its allies and the United Nations, accepted Tuesday a final election tally that stripped him of hundreds of thousands of questionable votes in Afghanistan's Aug. 20 election and agreed to a Nov. 7 runoff with the second-place finisher, former Foreign Minister Abdullah Abdullah.

Coal-fired power plants face curbs

(10/25/09 7:30pm)

WASHINGTON- The Environmental Protection Agency will put controls on the emissions of hazardous pollutants such as mercury from coal-fired power plants for the first time by November 2011, according to an agreement announced Friday to settle a lawsuit against the agency. Many other polluters were forced to reduce emissions of toxic material such as mercury, arsenic and lead after the Clean Air Act was strengthened in 1990.

Palin to get at least $1.25 million for book, forms, show

(10/28/09 7:12pm)

WASHINGTON— Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin was paid at least $1.25 million for her upcoming memoir, a book that’s one of the top pre-orders on online bestseller lists even before its release next month. Palin reported she had received what she described as a “retainer” as part of a required financial disclosure to the Alaska Public Offices Commission.

14 American soldiers die in 2 helicopter crashes

(10/28/09 7:14pm)

KABUL— Fourteen Americans died Monday in helicopter crashes in southern and western Afghanistan, one of the deadliest days for the United States in the Afghanistan war. Ten died when a helicopter went down in western Afghanistan, and four were killed in a mid-air collision between two helicopters in southern Afghanistan, according to NATO officials in Kabul.