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America turns inward: Results require reflection

(02/20/12 2:07am)

Nothing is more interesting than listening to two people discuss the multiplicity of conundrums facing international politics today. Whether it is Iran’s intransigence regarding its testing of nuclear power or the explosive turmoil continually ravaging much of Africa, we inevitably find ourselves reflecting on the role of the United States in relation to the rest of the world. Ultimately however, it seems America is ready, to some extent, to turn inward and let the world police itself. Nonetheless, that decision merits reflection.

Remember: Women are more than just breasts

(02/13/12 2:30am)

Keep A Breast Foundation is a national non-profit organization dedicated to preventing and eradicating cancer for the American public. Perhaps its most famous move is the backing of the humorous and some would say provocative, “I Love Boobies” bracelets. While the bands were certainly born from good intentions, we must question the implications of such a sentiment.

Creationist theme park shouldn't get backing

(02/09/12 1:51am)

Gov. Steve Beshear, Democrat of Kentucky, has lent his support to a creationist theme park, Ark Adventure, commissioned by Answers in Genesis. He has not only lent his support vocally, but he has itemized in the state’s budget a tax break worth $43 million for the park. This story appeared on The Huffington Post, and I couldn’t have been more confounded.

Super Bowl Sunday

(02/02/12 12:04am)

You cannot look at the modern era of football without first acknowledging the prowess and dominance of the New England Patriots. Since Bill Belichick took over the team in 2000, the Patriots have won three Super Bowls out of the four they reached, won all 16 regular season games for the first time in NFL history in 2007, and broken countless team and individual records in the process. Belichick has three AP Coach of the Year awards, one less than the legendary Don Shula.