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Modern hip-hop no longer motivational but racist, sexist

(11/24/13 6:40pm)

Before Lil Wayne and Rick Ross made a big deal of hustling the streets of ghettos and slinging rocks, Afrika Bambaataa made our planet rock with his crew Soul Force. In the 1980s, hip-hop was a way for musical artist to connect with people who mutually understood the struggles of living in the ghetto and who had dreams of making a way out.

Citizens need protection from police corruption

(12/01/13 6:24pm)

My column is simply an effort to improve three things in this world; truth, justice and equality. If a police officer can openly lie to a citizen, that is not truth. If a police officer has special protections that are unavailable to a civilian, that is not equality. If a police officer can fire 16 rounds into an unarmed man without consequence, that is not justice.

EMU needs students, students need money

(12/01/13 6:26pm)

Mayor Paul Schreiber of Ypsilanti has said the city needs to make the transition from a locale that relied on manufacturers to a college town. Many times over I have raised the question of whether or not the city has the money to make the transition. The debt from a real estate purchase that went badly has left the city unable to pay for capital improvements and public services like parks and recreation have been cut. But another important question is what it means to be a college town.

Actions must be taken to save fine arts

(12/11/13 3:19pm)

When one thinks of the fine arts, individuals such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and William Shakespeare come to mind as pioneers of such. The skill and innovation these artists sculpted within their respective time periods has paved the way to the arts we know of today. But in recent years, it’s become apparent that the youth – the very people we are raising to be “the next generation” are obtaining less and less knowledge of these innovators.

Unions not doing enough to help pensioners

(12/15/13 11:48am)

Upward social and economic mobility used to be a hallmark of America’s working classes. American workers pursuing these values typically came to the negotiating table in “good faith” when they bargained with capital for higher wages and benefits. But those clutching the purse have had little taste for such idealism – economic justice has never been America’s strong suit.

Christmas' 'spirit of giving' evolves with age

(12/15/13 7:23pm)

When I was little, around this time of year, my elementary school’s music room would be overtaken by jolly volunteers and crammed full of cheap stocking stuffers as part of the annual Santa’s Workshop fundraiser. It was this school-wide event where kids came in and bought presents for their parents and other loved ones. I loved poring over all the little knickknacks and baubles, carefully picking out the things I really wanted, and then, in the last couple minutes or so, grabbing some stuff for Mom and Dad.

Editor explores idea of sustainability

(01/05/14 1:45pm)

“Sustainability means being able to balance the budget, providing basic services for public safety, transportation, and business development, and encouraging development of the local resources that are special to the community,” said Paul Schreiber, mayor of Ypsilanti. “In Ypsilanti’s case, this is historic architecture, Eastern Michigan University and the proximity to Ann Arbor.”