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Cuts keep getting made, students get worst end

(01/30/12 1:16am)

New federal regulations regarding student financial aid are not being kind to Eastern Michigan University. In a Jan. 23 article, The Eastern Echo mentioned, “students who were full-time during fall and winter semesters will no longer be eligible for Pell Grants during the upcoming summer semester.” Where students could once use two years worth of aid per year to speed along graduation, this option is no longer available.

Greek Life offers advantages

(01/30/12 12:44am)

I compete for the Eastern Michigan University forensics team. As a result, I meet people from all over the country who share a love for interpretation, critical analysis and communication in general. However, I was caught off guard when a woman I met from Illinois State University gave a speech in which she proudly declared that she was “Greek,” that is, she is in a sorority.

NSOAs help incoming students get acclimated to EMU campus

(01/26/12 1:52am)

As many know, orientation is a pretty big deal here at Eastern Michigan University. It’s an intense four-day experience that helps acclimate incoming students to their new surroundings while also giving them a chance to bond with fellow students. Only, a lot of work goes into our orientation, and it absolutely wouldn’t be possible without a very passionate group of individuals known as New Student Orientation Assistant.

What's in store for Tebow?

(01/19/12 12:56am)

Tim Tebow. It’s not just a name. It’s an emotion, a story, a belief. The man is just that – a man. Tebow has become the most polarizing figure in professional sports. In regards to his person, there’s no middle ground. You love him or you hate him. You root for him, or you root against him. Or you simply enjoy “Tebowing” to get a reaction.

Obesity ads going too far?

(01/19/12 12:48am)

Despite high literacy rates, advanced health care and other resources at the disposal of the common American, there’s a growing problem amongst this population: obesity. The number of people who are overweight in every age bracket including ages two to five, is increasing. Are Americans allowing more people to become unhealthy in the attempt to avoid hurt feelings?

International workers

(01/09/12 1:26am)

Governor Rick Snyder is pushing for more immigrants to settle in Michigan. An article states, “It’s time for Michigan to start importing talent. That’s the philosophy underpinning Gov. Rick Snyder’s decision to push Washington to loosen federal laws to attract and retain more talented and educated immigrants.”