3/22/2015, 2:30pm

Action needs to be taken to improve voter turnout

Voter turnout in the 2014 election was historically low. According to data collected by the Institute for Democracy Electoral Assistance only 33.4 percent of the voting age population voted in the midterm elections of 2014, which is the lowest turnout since 1942.

3/15/2015, 2:03pm

Psychology behind terrorism

Terrorism is a universal problem that has been in the news for a long time. There have been conferences held and protests lead against this kind of violence, but nothing has worked effectively enough to eradicate it completely.

3/15/2015, 2:03pm

Lammily: Perfectly Imperfect Doll

Self-esteem problems and not feeling adequate are a gloomy reality for most women. Everywhere, we are faced with pictures of stick-thin models and ads for the latest and craziest fad diets.

3/15/2015, 11:19am

The Changing World and Church

Of all of the controversies circling through the media, the war between the Christian Church and same-sex marriage is vying for one of the top spots.

3/15/2015, 11:19am

Problems with 'meninists' and 'equalists'

Feminism has become something of a dirty word over the past few years. Men, and even some women, have rallied against the term, seeing feminists as aggressive, men-hating, women-supremacists.

3/15/2015, 11:18am

Facebook and Depression

Social media outlets have been paving the way for a new age of constant communication with one another since the early days of AOL Instant Messenger and MySpace.

3/15/2015, 11:18am

Obamacare and the Republican's plan are the same

On Wednesday, March 4, the Supreme Court began hearing oral arguments in the King v. Burwellcase, which is the latest court case challenging the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare.

3/8/2015, 11:59am

Why Email Scandal Matters

“How stupid do they think we are?” MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough asked the most important question we should be asking of 2016 presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton and her former president spouse in the wake of the newest 21st century Clinton scandal.

3/8/2015, 11:59am

Stop Drinking Bottled Water

I recently watched a documentary from 2009 called “Tapped” which talks about the controversies surrounding the bottled water industry and how it is virtually free to do as it pleases and that the water it sells is actually unsafe to drink.

3/4/2015, 1:58pm

Definition of freedom

In English, “freedom” is a word often used to describe the literal or mental state of being free, free from worry or utilizing your right to free expression.

3/1/2015, 1:59pm

Veto the Keystone Pipeline

On Jan. 29, in one of their first acts, the Republican-controlled Senate approved the Keystone XL Pipeline by a 62-36 vote, and GOP lawmakers in the Senate have called passing the Keystone XL pipeline a “top priority,” according to U.S.