C.A. Joseph Peters

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Trump is unifying the Republican Party

Four years after his even more impressive but nevertheless unsuccessful independent run in 1992, Texas billionaire and Reform Party founder Ross Perot won more than eight million votes in the 1996 presidential election.

Hillary Clinton faces a perfect storm over the Supreme Court

With the White House and Congress still battling over whether or not — and if so, with whom — to fill the vacancy in the Supreme Court, the November election is increasingly likely to be shaped as much by Washington as by the primaries. Because Hillary Clinton has said that she would “love” to nominate Barack Obama to the Supreme Court if she becomes president, some argue that Obama ought not nominate anyone lest he miss his chance to sit on the Supreme Court.

Bernie Sanders should not seek the Democratic Party nomination

As the months tick down to November, two things are becoming clear: one is that Bernie Sanders has a serious chance at winning the White House; the other is that his greatest obstacle to the White House might very well be the Democratic Party. With the momentum he has gathered since he initially dismissed the idea of an independent run, the independent democratic-socialist and coincidental Democrat shouldn’t feel himself wedded to the idea of winning only with the Democratic Party nomination.