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We will prevail, 2022: Satirical Essay

President Donald Trump spoke today about the conflict in China and how the recent bombing raid on Hong Kong has paved the way for American victory. “The Chinese don’t have any clue what hit them,” he said.

EMU's wasted money on football is appalling

I didn't get to see the Real Sports HBO special that aired Tuesday, April 19th, about Eastern Michigan University's spending on sports (I was too busy thinking about how I'm going to pay off my student debt), but I've read enough about it to know that my university has spent $52 million in the last two years on sports, according to the show.

Don't vote for Hillary Clinton just because she's a woman

I understand the significance of electing a woman president, but Hillary Clinton is not the right woman for the job. It won’t come as a surprise to anyone that Hillary Clinton is a woman, especially if you pay attention to politics (and if you didn’t know, just watch the next democratic presidential primary debate, where she will assuredly remind us of that fact any time she feels like she’s losing traction among audience members), and, in all honesty, it’s getting a bit tiring constantly hearing about her gender, as if it has some sort of bearing on her ability to govern.

The case for taxing churches

The primary reason churches in the United States have been tax-exempt thus far is due to the protection granted to them through the separation of church and state.

We're all responsible for Donald Trump

Donald J. Trump officially announced that he was running for president on June 16th, 2015. Speaking from Trump Tower in New York City, the then newly-announced candidate opened with a no-substance quip about the supposed idiocy and gutlessness of the other candidates saying, “How are they going to beat ISIS?

Obama's visit to Cuba is momentous

The United States’ record with Cuba since the 1960s has been rough and downright scary at times, and although my generation — the Millennials — never experienced the same fear as our parents did of nuclear war looming over our heads, we understand how incredibly significant Barack Obama’s visit to Cuba is. My mother used to recount her experiences at school and how her and her classmates would perform drills in case of a nuclear attack.

Bernie Sanders on the issues

Over 9,000 people showed up to listen to Bernie Sanders speak this past Monday at Eastern Michigan University’s Convocation Center.

Why Bernie Sanders deserves your vote over Hillary Clinton

Many southeastern Michiganders are excited to attend the “A Future to Believe In Rally” today at Eastern Michigan University’s Convocation Center, where Bernie Sanders is set to speak about a “wide range of issues important to Michiganders including making college affordable, reforming our health care system, and getting big money out of politics,” as it states on Sanders’ campaign website. I am one of those supporters who is absolutely ecstatic to attend the event and hear Sanders speak; and, while I’ve already heard most of what he has to say, that is one of the very reasons I back his campaign for president — because for “over 40 years Sanders has built his political career on a very focused message about what he calls a ‘rigged economy,’” according to Tamara Keith, a NPR White House Correspondent. Contrast that to Hillary Clinton, whose political career has been a rollercoaster of inconsistencies, platitudes and kowtows to corporate interests — including ties to special interests and Wall Street.