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EMU music and dance students to perform Cinderella the ballet

All you need is a Fairy Godmother and the right shoes to become a Princess. This is what happened to the beautiful, yet poor servant, Cinderella from the classic tale, “Cinderella”. Everyone remembers the 1950’s version of “Cinderella” told by Walt Disney animation, but did you know her story was told in dance before the film?

Guest musicians perform at Alexander Recital Hall

Eastern Michigan University’s School of Music and Dance welcomed guest cellist, Benjamin Whitcomb, and his accompanied pianist, Vincent DeVries, Tuesday night in Alexander Recital Hall.

Dr. Benjamin Whitcomb teaches Cello and Music Theory at the University of Wisconsin- Whitewater.

TobyMac performs at Convocation Center

Tobymac came to Eastern and got the party bumping harder than any house party seen thus far off campus, and he didn’t use sex, drugs, or vulgar language to do it -- all he needed was the power of Christ.

A crowd of over 3,000 gathered at the EMU Convocation Center to see the five time Grammy winning Christian Hip Hop artist.

Local band to perform at The Ark in Ann Arbor

Known for their eclectic genre of music ranging from classical and jazz, folk, Broadway show tunes, Eastern European and many more, Ann Arbor trio San, Emily and Jacob, will be returning to The Ark for another musical night on Wednesday, Oct.

Common visits U of M

Common proved himself to be a master of poetry Friday night at the University of Michigan’s Hill Auditorium.

MUSIC Matters, a student organization at U-M, held the concert as the final event in its three-part year-end festival.

Jibran Ahmed, MUSIC Matters vice president, said Common’s message aligns with that of his organization.

“The hope was that by bringing in Common, [it would] really allow us to engage with an artist who is so involved philanthropically,” Ahmed said.

Common gave an energized performance while he tried to empower the crowd.