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The American Sniper

The movie American Sniper has been the most talked about movie of 2015 thus far. It has had rave reviews as well as harsh criticism.

Daniel Radcliffe's performance the only thing worth watching 'Horns' for

Daniel Radcliffe goes from boy wizard to something quite demonic in his newest film work, Horns. He plays a young man named Ig who is accused of murdering his girlfriend, a crime which he knows that he didn't commit. 

The urge to get back at those who wronged him manifests as something quite frightening indeed - a pair of horns that sprout from his head, giving him a devilish image and eventually dark powers that get stronger as the film goes on.

A not so fright night

Of course one of the things people like most about Halloween is getting scared, but not everyone likes scary movies.

Does the remake of ‘Carrie’ live up to the 1976 classic?

“Man of Steel” has action, yet lacks pathos

Star Trek: Into Darkness is worth it