Hannah Schwab


Why does everybody in Washington fight?

For the past few weeks, rumors have been circulating in Washington, D.C., that Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens was making his way toward the door and into the land of retirement.

Marriages should add expiration date

Marriage is a nerve-racking idea for both men and women. Men are taught to run screaming from the idea, while women are fed fairy tales of knights on white horses who will scoop them up and make every wish come true. Neither idea leaves people with a very strong idea of what they’re really getting themselves into when they say, “I do.”

Woods should focus on golfing, or leave the sport if he doesn’t

Golfer/adulterer Tiger Woods made headlines again Sunday when he graciously fielded questions from ESPN’s Tom Rinaldi about his return to the PGA and his infidelity. Can I just go on record as saying I am sick and tired of hearing about Tiger Woods? The world of sports is in the middle of NCAA March Madness, MLB spring training and about to start NHL playoffs, yet fans keep getting bombarded with the latest gossip surrounding Woods and his inability to honor his marriage vows.

Illegal immigrants angry at lack of influence in D.C.

Immigrant’s rights groups are mad at President Obama and his fellow Democrats. They’re irritated the president is filling his daily schedule with silly things like health care, the economy and the War on Terror.

Gun control debate flares up once again

The United States Supreme Court is once again debating our constitutional right to bear arms, an amendment that was added in 1791. The most recent debate stems from a 2008 row regarding Chicago’s law banning handguns within city limits. Even though the right to own a gun is constitutional, present debates begs the question of what the founding fathers really meant.

Don't chastise Obama for being father

When the Obamas moved to Washington more than a year ago, quite a few things changed in the White House. There were new residents, a new staff and a new dog.

Presidency: a frustrating career choice

WANTED: Male or female, preferably male, minimum 35 years old, who wants to help others. Position consists of long hours, travel, relocation, time away from the family and absolutely no privacy. Your past, present and future will become everyone’s business, so those with skeletons in the closet need not apply. Everyone around you will critique and judge everything about you, from your ethics to your razor burn. Everyone will be overanalyzing every word and hand gesture for hidden meanings. Trust no one, they are all waiting to stab you in the back while they shake your hand. You will start off wanting to leave a legacy and make changes, but none of it will come true. Everyone will know your name and your face. You will be talked about in every history and civics class from here to eternity, no matter if you succeed or fail. Interested parties should apply within.