Molly Jeszke


Fall films to keep an eye out for

In the midst of fall semester excitement, the Eastern Michigan University Eagles have a lot to look forward to. This semester, there’s a line-up of new must-see movies for every type of student on our campus. Whether you like to laugh out loud, get swept up in the drama or spend no money at all, I have the details for you.

Art Spiegelman talks comics

On Thursday, April 10, the Ypsilanti District Library and comic enthusiasts alike had the pleasure of welcoming Pulitzer Prize winner Art Spiegelman to Pease Auditorium at Eastern Michigan University. As library appreciation week comes to a close, Ypsilanti District Library representative Gillian Ream Gainsley told the audience the library is putting more emphasis on graphic novels.

On-campus vegan options can lead to healthier year

As we stride away from 2013 shamefully full of the new Taco Bell grillers, Starbucks fraps blissfully topped with whipped cream and used-up meal plans, it is advised we make a few changes for 2014.

Kelly Clarkson releases Christmas album

The season of tinsel covered trees and maxed-out credit cards has arrived. Every year, the gifts may change from one glitzy electronic to the next, but there is one thing that stays consistent no matter what – the music.

Tips to combat mid-semester slump

We all have experienced it: The urge to hit the snooze button on the alarm clock early in the morning. That fleeting thought of, “Is class really necessary today?” That needed cup of roasted Starbucks coffee or a shot of RedBull and 5 Hour Energy, getting through morning, noon and night. My fellow Eagles, we have hit the mid-semester slump.