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Celebacy could be the new sexy


Since the early decades of the 20th century, women have evolved from being meek, soft spoken and being private about what intimate things they have done with their husbands. In today’s generation of the “new woman,” they have been put into a category of being overly and openly sexy, not knowing their worth and defiling their temple.

‘Sylvia’ comes to Eastern Michigan University


Coming to the Eastern Michigan University Theatre, Ken Stevens is directing his final production called Sylvia. This interesting twist on how marriages face adversities was originally created by A. R. Gurney. Not only does this play aim to bring on laughter, it also plans to impress with impeccable actors who are some of Eastern Michigan’s Alumni.

Romantic ways to enjoy summertime in the city


The weather is warming up and people are ready to create loving and fun memories with their special friend or meet someone new. With love swirling around in the air along with a fresh breeze to add its sweet coolness, the perfect place to be is out in the city letting its beauty take you away.

Ypsi’s Depot Town has a lot to offer


Ypsilanti has a reputation among college students as being a small town filled with nothing but crimes and raggedy apartments. Apparently they have not ventured to Depot Town.

Modern hip-hop no longer motivational but racist, sexist


Before Lil Wayne and Rick Ross made a big deal of hustling the streets of ghettos and slinging rocks, Afrika Bambaataa made our planet rock with his crew Soul Force. In the 1980s, hip-hop was a way for musical artist to connect with people who mutually understood the struggles of living in the ghetto and who had dreams of making a way out.

Children need both


Over the past few decades, the ideologies and traditions of raising a family has changed. Families that once consisted of a hard-working father and a stay-at-home mother now consist of one parent trying to multitask the duties of two parents. In this generation, the sole provider has been mothers. Mothers have been forced to take on the responsibility of raising children on their own without the help of the fathers.

If people take action, Detroit can be rebuilt


Neighborhoods that once grew beautiful pastel peonies and shining marigolds are now barren. Homes that held memories of a bright-eyed baby’s first steps are replaced with blown out windows and graffiti-stained walls. This is the depiction of the average Detroit urban community. The urban communities have been neglected and left to wither away to nothing. With help and dedication from the community, neighborhoods can be rebuilt to provide better and safer living.

Detroit hits its lowest point


Detroit was once a thriving city filled with an abundance of employment oppourtunies and a population that once reached into the millions.

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