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Opinion: Thank You, Mitt Romney

In the face of threats from his own party, Mitt Romney was willing to stand up for what he believed in. I, for one, am thankful that he did. This article is addressed directly to Romney himself as a personal “thank you.”

Opinion: Political fandom is a growing threat

Despite the seemingly unanimous agreement of the dangers of President Trump, Democratic voters are still more willing to accept a second Trump term than support a Democrat outside of their favorite candidate. The growing obsession with candidates is a dangerous sign suggesting a deeper issue within our democratic system.

Opinion: The GOP drops the facade

After 9 days of trial proceedings, Republicans are desperate to acquit the president and put the trial behind them. While they tried at first to mask their intentions, Republican Senators are now being more open and honest about how they really feel: that the president should be above the law.

Opinion: Impeachment's next steps

The House of Representatives has finally drafted articles of impeachment. So where do we go from here? And who has the most to lose from this? We take a dive into the swirling cesspool that is Washington to find out.

Opinion: Motorola’s prodigal son returns

Motorola’s newest phone bends the screen to break the status quo, while smartphone sizes continue to grow. The new Razr phone is a blast from the past, mixed with all the inklings of technological revolution.