Patricia Mulroy


Singing dancing puppets, 40 years with muppets, can you picture that?

It all started 40 years ago with a frog named Kermit sitting in a swamp singing about the rainbow connection. Created by Jim Henson and based on the popularity of its small screen predecessor, The Muppet Show, The Muppet Movie features an incredible cast of Muppet Characters: Miss Piggy, Ralph the dog, Gonzo and Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem.  

‘Good Omens’ review: Laughing through the end times

As May came to a close, so did the world of Amazon Prime's newest series, “Good Omens.” Based on the novel by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett, the series follows an unlikely pair that try to stop the end of the world, fool their respective bosses and save mankind. 

Ypsilanti celebrates its second annual Ypsi Pride

On June 1, the city of Ypsilanti kicked off it's LBGTQ+ Pride month with the second Annual Ypsi Pride community celebration. Part of the first Friday is a series of events to draw members from LBGT+ community with local businesses around downtown Ypsilanti.

An Unfortunate Review

Friday March 30, brought distress, dread, and despair to viewers as the second season of the Series of Unfortunate events became available to watch on Netflix. Taking a more gothic approach on children’s television the show follows the David Handler’s (Lemony Snicket) children’s series of the same name. 

Students study Saturn at EMU Planetarium

On Tuesday April 3, Eastern Michigan University students sought to learn more about the sixth planet in our solar system, Saturn, in EMU’S planetarium located in the Science Complex. Lead by associate professor, Thomas Kasper, participants sat back under the dome of the planetarium and took a journey to Saturn, it’s rings, and many moons.

Stranger Than Fiction: 5 Fiction books to check out during break

Tired of reading textbooks? Want a good book to read but don’t want to treck through the snow to the library? Mid-winter break is the perfect time to reclaim your love of reading by diving into the perfect book. Here are the Echo’s top five digital books to pick up during break.