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The Eastern Echo Tuesday, May 28, 2024 | Print Archive
The Eastern Echo

Ashlee Buhler

EMU Theatre Guest Services

EMU's first ever accessibility crew working to make the theater experience enjoyable for all

Eastern Michigan University’s first ever accessibility crew will take action this winter during the EMU Theatre’s presentation of “Still Life with Iris.” Under the guidance of Elena SV Flys, EMU assistant professor of arts administration, the accessibility crew is responsible for designing the access services that will be available for three of the six performances that will take place in Quirk Theatre in Dec.  

Ypsilanti City Council

City council members vote to remove gay pride, transgender pride, Black Lives Matter flags from council chambers

Members of the Ypsilanti City Council voted to remove gay pride, transgender pride and Black Lives Matter flags from the council chambers during the Aug. 27 meeting. The resolution, which passed 5-2, states that City Council does not want to become a forum to advertise or promote any particular ideology. As a result, it was agreed upon that the only flags allowed in the council chambers are the United States of America, the state of Michigan and the city of Ypsilanti flags. 

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EMU Halle Library

EMU Halle Library

Ramone Williams, who was homeless from 2015 to 2016 while attending EMU, would sometimes sleep in the library. All buildings on campus were locked during winter break, leaving some students with no place to go.

Inside Swoops Pantry

Inside Swoops Pantry

Swoops Pantry, located inside Pierce Hall, is the only resource available on campus to assist students facing financial difficulties.

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Julez DeShetler and Queso Tone catch up after a short hiatus due to illness and someones birthday. The pair talk about their semesters and the final big events of the year, the Eastern Echo Media Gala and Rock The Patio. The latter playing host to Eagletainment's very own Queso Tone as a musical performance, with the shows closing act Anthony Roperti a former guest of the show.