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The Eastern Echo Wednesday, May 22, 2024 | Print Archive
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Together Against Semitism

Message Condemning Antisemitism Tampered With, Hillel at EMU Responds

Updated at 7:01 p.m. by Andrew Lenzo.

Spotted earlier today by one of the Eastern Echo’s reporters is the tampering of a message  condemning anti-semitism on the freedom walls located on the lawn between Pray-Harrold and the Snow Health Center.

The “Together Against Antisemitism” message painted by Hillel at EMU has been changed with the removal of “Anti” to now read, “Together Against Semitism.” Who painted over the message is unknown at this time.

“We are disappointed and upset by this blatant act of anti semitism within our EMU community,” said Hillel of EMU. “Hate and bigotry of any kind has no place at EMU and EMU Hillel will continue our work to make this campus an inclusive and open space for all students.”

Hillel at EMU painted their messages about anti-semitism on Friday, Nov. 9, using both sides of the wall. The side facing the back of Porter building has a spray painted list of names with the statement, “11 Jewish lives taken by white supremacist.” In the middle of the statement and names is the star of David. On the opposite side of the wall facing the Snow Health Center was originally painted “Together Against Antisemitism.” 

The message walls, known as the student speech space, are often used by student organizations to display messages about their causes and upcoming events. Guidelines for use of the walls are posted on the Student Government website.

Student Government has released a statement condemning the message. The statement, linked below, reads that "Student Government is in communication with the Department of Public Safety and is investigating university policies pursuant to the incident to ensure that those responsible are held accountable to the fullest possible extent."

The walls were regulated by Student Government until an incident, involving Students for Justice in Palestine and Jewish students, broke out last year. The policy has changed since then, allowing students to write on the wall without permission from Student Government.

Student body president, Candice Crutcher, elaborated on the statement further. “[EMU] student government stands against hatred and bigotry of all kinds and we send our sympathy and our thoughts with the Jewish community on campus. We are working with the administration and DPS to find out what reports there are to get justice for this. 

“We have to figure out what happened and when it happened, if it was against the rules, what rule was broken, and if there wasn't one broken, if there is a way for us to make sure this doesn't happen again,” She said during a call with the Eastern Echo Monday afternoon. 

If you have any information pertaining to this act, please contact the EMU Department of Public Safety at (734) 487-1222.

The message was painted over as of 8:52 a.m. on Monday.

The antisemitic message was reported and painted over by the Department of Public Safety.

The opposing side of the freedom wall reads "Together Against Semitism" after being tampered with. The original message, written by Hillel at EMU, condemned antisemitism.