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The Eastern Echo Tuesday, May 28, 2024 | Print Archive
The Eastern Echo

Accident Brief: Car flips just off-campus on Washtenaw and Oakwood

The car involved in the accident was flipped upside down, however the driver is in stable medical condition.

A car accident occurred on Monday, Feb. 3 just off the campus of Eastern Michigan University. The accident was in view of the the Mark Jefferson Science Complex and McKenny Hall. This is within the jurisdiction of Ypsilanti City police and first responders.

The accident occured at the intersection of Washtenaw Ave. and Oakwood St. around 11 a.m. The intersection was blocked off by two police SUVs and an Ypsilanti fire truck. Three police vehicles were identified at the scene of the accident.

The car involved in the accident, a grey four door, was flipped upside down, however, the driver was reported as being in stable medical condition. The car’s front plate was a Texas license plate.

The Ann Arbor Transit Authority bus route four was temporarily rerouted, skipping the stop before Washtenaw Ave. and Oakwood St. Students going to Eastern Michigan University could still get off by the Oakwood St. and Summit St. stop.

The Eastern Echo has reached out to the City of Ypsilanti Police Department’s record office for a police report and other accompanying documents regarding the accident. A request on behalf of the Echo was made under Freedom of Information Act.

The Echo will update this story when more information is obtained regarding the accident.