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The Eastern Echo Wednesday, June 12, 2024 | Print Archive
The Eastern Echo

The Factory Report: 2020 NBA Playoff Predictions

Luke and Caleb predict each round of the 2020 NBA playoff bracket. Listen to the full podcast episode above, or read some of the highlights down below! Let us know what you thought of our picks on Twitter @LukeGremban, @CalebBurlingame, and @TheEasternEcho.

Western Conference First Round

Series 1 : LA Lakers vs. New Orleans Pelicans

Luke: Experience is going to be the thing that wins here. Lakers in 4.

Caleb: Zion won’t be able to contend with Lebron. Lakers in 5.

Series 2: LA Clippers vs. Dallas Mavericks

Luke: I can really see the Mavericks giving the Clippers a run for their money. The Clippers do have superior talent to that of the Mavericks, but the Mavericks are young and hungry, they’re going to fight to the end. Clippers in 6.

Caleb: I don’t think there is any way that the Clippers sweep the Mavericks. Clippers in 5.

Series 3: Houston Rockets vs. Utah Jazz

Luke: I think the Jazz are going to pull the upset strictly because of just how broken the Rockets are. Jazz in 6.

Caleb: I think the Rockets are going to win simply because Mike D'antoni is a good coach. Rockets in 6. 

Series 4: Denver Nuggets vs. Oklahoma City Thunder

Luke: The Thunder can’t hold a candle to the talent that the Nuggets have. Nuggets in 5.

Caleb: The Nuggets have never been able to astound me even though they have been at the top of the western conference for the last two or three years. Thunder in 7.

Western Conference Second Round

Series 1

LA Lakers vs. Oklahoma City Thunder

Caleb: I don’t think OKC has anyone who can guard Lebron James or Anthony Davis. Lakers in 4.

LA Lakers vs. Denver Nuggets

Luke: The Nuggets don’t have a player who is going to be able to guard Lebron and Anthony Davis. Lakers in 4.

Series 2

LA Clippers vs. Houston Rockets

Caleb: We’ve seen this kind of thing before where the Rockets go up against a very dominant team like the Warriors. They’re not going to be able to do it. Clippers in 5.

LA Clippers vs Utah Jazz

Luke: I don’t think the Jazz have the offensive firepower to go toe-to-toe with the Clippers who are just going to score a ton of points. Clippers in 5.

Western Conference Finals

LA Lakers vs. LA Clippers

Luke: I think a combination of Kahwi Leonard, Paul George and a great team are going to be enough to beat the Lakers. Clippers in 7.

Caleb: I think this series is going to be an all-out war. Lebron is having the best season he’s ever had, and he has Anthony Davis. Lakers in 7.

Eastern Conference First Round

Series 1: Milwaulkee Bucks vs. Orlando Magic

Luke: The Bucks are going to tape the Magic to the fender of a car and smash it into a brick wall. Bucks in 4

Caleb: The Magic don’t really have anything on the Bucks. Bucks in 4

Series 2: Toronto Raptors vs. Brooklyn Nets

Luke: The Raptors are also going to be looking to make a statement that “Hey, we’re here to contend.” Raptors in 4

Caleb: If you told me the Nets had Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant I would think the Nets take this in six or five. Raptors in 4.

Series 3: Boston Celtics vs. Indiana Pacers

Luke: I think this is going to be Gordon Hayward’s coming out party. Celtics in 5.

Caleb: Without Oladipo, I don’t think the Pacers can beat Kemba’s Celtics. Celtics in 5.

Series 3: Miami Heat vs. Philadelphia 76ers

Luke: Philadelphia’s bench has slowly been eroded over the past few years. Heat in 5.

Caleb: I’m picking a sleeper in the Eastern Conference, I’m saying Heat in 7.

Eastern Conference Second Round

Series 1: Milwaukee Bucks vs. Boston Celtics

Luke: The Bucks have more talent, this is their time to shine. Bucks in 5.

Caleb: Gordon Hayward’s son is due to be born at the time of this series, and he already said that he is going to take time off to see the birth of his son. If the Celtics don’t have Hayward, and they are going up against Giannis, I don’t think the Celtics have enough firepower to overcome them. Bucks in 5 .

Series 2: Toronto Raptors vs. Miami Heat

Luke: I think the Raptors have more playoff experience than Miami. Raptors in 6.

Caleb: I’m saying the Heat in seven and they knock the defending champs out of the playoffs.

Eastern Conference Finals

Milwaukee Bucks vs. Toronto Raptors

Luke: Whether it’s the Raptors or the Heat, the Bucks will annihilate them. Bucks in 5.

Milwaukee Bucks vs. Miami Heat

Caleb: The Heat will be coming off two long series and they’re going to be exhausted. Giannis is Giannis. Bucks in 5.

NBA Finals

LA Clippers vs. Milwaukee Bucks

Luke: The question for me is can Giannis become the best player in the league. Giannis needs to say “I’m the best player in the league, this is my league.” I don’t think he’ll be able to flip the switch though. Clippers in 6.

LA Lakers vs. Milwaukee Bucks

Caleb: If Lebron gets to the finals he’s going to win. I think Lebron and Giannis knock each other off, but then who guards Anthony Davis?  Lakers in 7.