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The Eastern Echo Thursday, May 30, 2024 | Print Archive
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Review: Ariana Grande swoops back in the game with brand new single "Positions."

The first released track from this pop-stars sixth studio album demonstrates great potential for the project.

Ariana Grande just took to Twitter last week to let the world know that they will be receiving a new album this month. Last Friday, the super pop star released the first single from the new LP, a song called “Positions.” 

After just 12 hours, the music video for the track has already reached close to 10 million views. Fans are now excitedly waiting in anticipation for an album tracklist and title reveal, for a project that should seemingly come out this coming Friday, considering it is the last week of the month.

“Positions,” is both a track about providing love and female empowerment, stating that women can change what they do and be what they want to be, whether that be for themselves or for/with a lover.

“Switching my positions for you / Cooking in the kitchen and I’m in the bedroom / I’m in the Olympics way I’m jumping through hoops / Know my love infinite, nothing I wouldn’t do,” Grande belts.

The visual flips from showing Grande playing as The President, then cooking in the kitchen, and finally being sensual in her bedroom. The adorable outfit changes and beautiful scenery makes for a well-done video great for the song's vibes. 

Not only is the term “positions,” used for Grande’s change of work or personality, but uses a double meaning referring to sex positions as well. Just like life and relationship style can get boring, time in the bedroom can too. Sometimes relationships need something to be spiced up, which is what Grande is determined to do to keep this one going strong.

“This some shit I usually don’t do / But for you, I kinda want to / ‘Cause you’re down for me and I’m down too,” Grande sings on the bridge.

Although she wouldn’t normally switch herself up for a partner, the love feels so deep and genuine this time that she would do anything to keep it. 

Apart from heartfelt words, the sound and video are super fun too, making for a great catchy pop song that anyone could enjoy. However, in my opinion, many of Grande’s tracks are super great at first but can get old pretty quickly.

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Some of her less popular songs do this already, but she could definitely include a more unique production style and themes at times to attempt to fix that. 

Still, this single radiates talent that I’m sure will shine even brighter on the new project. “Positions,” definitely is a major track and a great lead in to what will most likely be another musical work of art to help bring positivity into this hell of a year.

I would give this release 4 out of 5 Swoops.