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The Eastern Echo Tuesday, May 28, 2024 | Print Archive
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A look inside EMU's Student Government ballot for the 2021-2022 school year; 20 Senators and one President/Vice President Running Pair to run

Eastern Michigan University's Student Government elections will be held this week.

The 2021 Student Government Elections will take place online this week for current Eastern Michigan University students on their "my.emich" account starting on March 24 at 8 a.m. EST and ending March 25 at 8 p.m. EST.

The President and Vice President candidates run as a ticket and this year there is only one pair running for the title in office. The duo is the Current President of the Student Government, Luis Romero, and the current Speaker of the Senate, Auryon Azar.

There are only 17 seats available to be filled for the Senate. On the ballot, there are 20 people running for the Senate spots. In no particular order below is the list of Senate candidates. The results will be announced shortly after the March 25, 8 p.m. deadline.

Waleed Aldoais

Waleed Aldoais is a freshman at Eastern Michigan University who is looking to put their efforts and time into something that has a big involvement and effect on campus. “I plan to become more involved in the school and to help make a difference even if small,” explained Aldoais, “I want to learn more about the inner workings of the decisions made at school that will not only affect me as a student but the student body at Eastern Michigan University as a whole.”

Karin Hartmaier

Karin Hartmaier is a second-year Junior at EMU with a major in International Business with Marketing and is currently a Student Body Senator. “I'm rerunning for Student Body Senate because I've seen all the great work the Senate is able to do for the student body,” said Hartmaier. 

Harmaier is passionate about issues on campus pertaining to social justice. “As a first-generation Mexican-German-American immigrant, I'm very passionate about social justice issues specifically regarding minorities and other immigrants. I want to help make the campus a safer place for young women especially,” Hartmaier said.

Things, in particular, Hartmaier is hoping to accomplish on campus include, “I would love to see what I can do to help expand SEEUS by having them operate with longer running times, subsidize RAD classes for all women, and offer Safe Rides off-campus,” Hartmaier said.

Jeffrey Hoang

Jeffrey Hoang is a first-year student double majoring in Political Science and Communication as well as pursuing University Honors in the Honors College. He was appointed as a Senator on the Student Senate during the Winter 2021 Semester.

Hoang would like to focus efforts toward giving students the chance to be heard and have an understanding of how EMU’s campus works.

“As a person who went into college, lived on campus, and got a job with the University all during the pandemic, I definitely understand some of the challenges we’re facing. At the same time, I know I don't know everything and that is why I make it a priority to listen to student voices and try my best to reach out and hear what others have to say and think," Hoang said.

Specific goals Hoang is focused on accomplishing in continuing his role as a Senator is communication with students, faculty, and more.

“I hope to provide better communication with student organizations next year, spend more money towards student resources, and express student experiences to EMU officials. I also want to make it clear to everyone that I always want to listen. If there’s anything that anyone would like to talk to me about please feel free to contact me at”

Jessi Kwek

Jessi Kwek is a sophomore at EMU who is also in the Honors College at Eastern who is double majoring in Political Science and Sociology. Kwek is currently a Student Government Senator.

“Right now, I'm working on issues of housing insecurity and accessibility on our campus and among our students. I'm also working on a plan to make EMU's campus more environmentally friendly," Kwek said.

Kwek was just elected in the Winter 2021 semester and is looking forward to continuing working on the issues she started working on this semester. “I also plan on addressing food insecurity through a meal plan sharing program if given the opportunity to serve next year,” said Kwek.

Eva Long

Eva Long is a current EMU Freshman who is majoring in Public and Nonprofit Administration who hopes to work in the Government or a Nonprofit to minimize food insecurity. “I'm running for student senate because I want to advance the quality of life of my peers and community, making sure they have access to whole, nutritious, affordable foods,” said Long.

Long, a current Senator is working on fundraisers/food drives for Swoop’s pantry, wheelchair accessibility, and menstrual hygiene products being more accessible on campus.

“Myself and a few other Senators have been co-authoring an initiative to improve wheelchair access in different buildings across campus as well as I'm looking into sustainable dining options - the cardboard packaging was a start, but I think we can do more to limit Eastern's carbon footprint,” Long said.

John Paquette

John Paquette is running for a Senate seat in Student Government as someone who has had broad experience in helping the community.

“In every position that I have had, whether that be a teacher in Ghana, the Founder of a Refugee Organization or when I was working for the City Council of Detroit, I have worked with not my own interests in mind but the interests of the people,” Paquette said.

Paquette is looking to communicate with students who have concerns at EMU and be a voice for them.

“I will sit down and have a discussion with anyone who has a problem with something at Eastern Michigan and figure out how the Senate can make a difference in their lives. I will be the representative of their problems and will fight for solutions within our senate and community,” Paquette said.

Lauren Silvia

Lauren Silvia is a first-year student studying Public and Nonprofit Administration with a double minor in Social Work and Management. Campus involvement includes working as a tour guide in EMU’s Admissions Office. Silvia is also the DEIA Chairwoman for Sigma Kappa, the President of our Collegiate DECA chapter, and a member of the Honors College.

Silvia is planning to expand first-generation opportunities and safety on campus.

“I am running for Student Senate because I want to promote more opportunities for first-generation students within our campus community as well as work to combat sexual assault, safety, and equity concerns here at the University. I would also like to work with other Senators to address issues such as parking on campus, which have had past Student Senate resolutions,“ Silvia said.

Others, who are running for Senate, but were unavailable for an interview at the time of publishing.

Auryon Azar (Current Speaker of the Senate)

Charis Bly (Current Senator)

Anna Bowling (Current Senator)

Ryan G. Caldwell

Cedrick Charles (Current Senator)

Kaylen Dutt

Camden Fisher

Andy Huffman

Tyler Kochman (Current Parliamentarian)

Sonya Liggins

John Milkovich (Current Senator)

MaKayla K. Stevens (Current Senator)

Melissa Varney

For more election information, visit the EMU Student Government’s website or visit the Election Timeline and Election Information pages.