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The Eastern Echo Wednesday, May 22, 2024 | Print Archive
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Dr. Shinming Shyu Traditional Calligraphy

The Detroit Institute of Arts to feature EMU professor Shinming Shyu in an Asia Pacific American Heritage Month event

This studio event is part of "Thursdays at the Museum" and in honor of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month.

The Detroit Institute of Arts' (DIA) weekly "Thursdays at the Museum" online event will feature Eastern Michigan University’s (EMU) professor, Dr. Shinming Shyu, on May 6 at 1 p.m.

Shyu's show is titled “Studio Visit: Traditional Calligraphy with Dr. Shinming Shyu from Taiwan.” Due to the current state of the pandemic, the event will be held online and free of charge for all to attend. 

The DIA has put out a series of events planned for Asian Pacific American Heritage Month (APAHM), including the event to be hosted by Shyu. The May 6 event will be the first time that the DIA’s "Thursdays at the Museum" will be participating in APAHM, DIA celebrations.

For Yen-ling von Meister, a former instructor in the department of world languages at EMU and a board member of the Friends of Asian Arts and Cultures (FAAC) for two years, being a part of the organization has been an enlightening experience as it brought her a better appreciation for all people and an exchange of ideas. 

FAAC is an organization that was founded in 2006 to help support the DIA in various ways to help bring an understanding and appreciation of Asian arts and cultures to the community. They are able to do this by holding lectures, programs, and other events to celebrate the diverse cultures in Asia.

Meister was honored to coordinate and see through the formation of the event. She hopes that it will be a positive experience that allows more individuals to gain an appreciation for Asian art and culture, and hopefully, draw in a larger crowd to view the art gallery at the DIA. 

“I really look forward to this program,” Meister said. “It’s a really short program, but hopefully it will inspire and aspire people to pick up a brush and then start trying in their hands.”

Shyu, a professor at the School of Visual & Built Environments at EMU, has practiced the art of traditional calligraphy since a very young age as he was taught by his father. Traditional calligraphy was also practiced by Shyu’s grandfather. By continuing to practice traditional calligraphy, Shyu upholds the family tradition. 

Shyu wants others to know that for him, traditional calligraphy has brought him to a Zen state of mind. He expresses that this is true and possible for all practitioners of traditional calligraphy when they engage in the practice. 

“I think to try and to practice this one good thing is there’s a certain way to also entering to a meditative type of mentality,” Shyu said. “It lets people come down, to concentrate better so when you concentrate you forget about, you know, the hustle of daily life. For me, I can see the kind of Zen-type of status of my mind.” 

Shyu is honored to be featured at the event and he looks forward to introducing traditional calligraphy as a way to help bring awareness to Asian arts and cultures to visitors of the DIA.  

Meister stresses that for those interested in attending the event, to sign in early before the event is to begin as there is a limited number of viewers. To learn more about the event and gain access to join, visit the DIA's page about the studio event and follow the provided instructions after pressing the link to join. 

FAAC invites all to join the organization. To learn more about FAAC, visit the organization’s profile on the DIA’s website. To learn more about other events to be held at the DIA in celebration of APAHM, visit the event’s page on the DIA’s website.