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The Eastern Echo Saturday, June 22, 2024 | Print Archive
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Opinion: Hidden gems to spice up your spring playlist

Spring is a turning point in the year as the weather gets better and nature starts to bloom. Celebrate and enjoy this season with a playlist that portrays that feeling.

From the rebirth and renewal of nature to the excitement and enticement of the sun coming out, there are many elements that make up the springtime. Whether it be during spring cleaning and home improvements or a get-together outdoors, there are plenty of activities where the perfect spring playlist can make a day better.

"Sunflower" by Vampire Weekend ft. Steve Lacy

What better way to start a spring playlist than with a song titled “Sunflower." The indie pop-rock band teams up with star guitarist Steve Lacy for a brilliant track. The impressive rhythm and chord progression creates a daydream of a song. If you’re a lover of music videos, this video was directed by Jonah Hill and will honestly leaves your head spinning.

"OPEN A WINDOW" by Rex Orange County ft. Tyler the Creator

One of the best songs of 2022 so far, this Rex Orange County track not only features Tyler the Creator, but also provides some of the cleanest production. This duo already collaborated back in 2017 on Tyler’s “Flowerboy," but the new song is nearly flawless. A mix of instruments from tambourines, strings and piano lead to a golden track. The lyrics are even more refreshing as Rex diverges from his bleaker focuses.

"New Apartment" by Ari Lennox

The queen of Dreamville records Ari Lennox has plenty of feel good songs, yet “New Apartment” creates such a carefree feeling. Though this song symbolizes independence as an artist and woman it also is extremely melodious. This song shines brightest on her “Shea Butter Baby” album, and the entire tape deserves to be in your playlist.

"Can't Believe It" by Matt Martians

Matt Martians is a hidden gem in the world of music. Being part of not only the R&B band The Internet, but also was part of Jet Age of Tomorrow and Odd Future. This funky tune can make any day feel like a sunny day. His vocals alongside his guitar leads to one of the better R&B songs of 2021.

“Smile” by Isaiah Rashad

This song, like much of Rashad’s music, has a smooth and uppity beat, yet has melancholy lyrics. In this song Isaiah imagines how happy his hometown would be when he comes back home after all his success. If you are able to ignore the deeper meaning, the surface level of this song will make you crack a smile.

“.Withallmylove” by Kami

Now, I could have recommended the song sampled in this track which is Michael Jackson’s “Butterfly." However, this J.Dilla type production gives this song a renewal that I didn’t know it needed. It’s a perfect song for a walk as it fills in all the extra background noise and softly confines you.

"Back in Love Again" by L.T.D.

I am convinced that this song can only make you think of good times. An underrated group from the 70s, L.T.D. created a song full of funk, joy and horns. This song is strictly for when the warm weather creeps up whether you are on the road, at the park or just enjoying the breeze.

These tracks can do wonders for your playlist and just like the spring season, it can become a turning point for your mood.

Honorable Mentions:

"Day Dreaming" by Aretha Franklin

"Pop Thieves" by Childish Gambino

"Sunburn" by King Princess

"Carmelo" by Holychild