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The Eastern Echo Wednesday, June 12, 2024 | Print Archive
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Review: ‘The Batman’ is a movie you don't want to miss

‘The Batman’ shows that the new Batman in town is up to par.

If you like high-action superhero movies with great cinematography and plot, this movie is for you. As an avid Marvel fan, I was shocked by how much I enjoyed this movie, but if there is one DC movie to watch, this is the one.


Batman is a vigilante in Gotham City who must solve the cryptic clues left by a crazed man. As clues begin to pile up against the leaders of Gotham, Batman must unmask this loose lunatic, while bringing justice to a corrupt city. Starring Robbert Pattinson as Batman and Zoe Kravitz as Selina Kyle (Catwoman), The Batman brings a new spin to the classic hero.

What I loved 

The plot of the movie was amazing. I was so interested throughout the entire movie and every detail made me want to know more. It’s really hard to do a great movie with characters that have been done before, but this movie puts a fresh take on the entire Batman franchise.

The villain in this film has such interesting riddles, traps, and clues, that you're trying to figure out alongside Batman what's going to happen next. This movie uses technology well, and plays into the new age with a lot of the plot revolving around phones, coding, and stuff that makes it relatable and real to the modern audience.

Robert Pattinson plays a terrific Batman, taking the character to the next level. I was skeptical on how they would use Pattinson in a Batman film, based on the previous Batman movies we’ve had in the past 10 years that were sub-par. This Batman feels relatable and real, and like the vigilante you want to be protecting you. The fighting scenes looked amazing, and even this Batman’s walk is iconic. Everything Pattinson put forward into this role was great and he truly embodied Batman well.

The thing I loved the most about this movie was how fresh it felt. I was super tired of Batman movies doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results with different actors, but DC truly stepped up their game with this one. Not only was the plot amazing, but the set, costumes, props, and overall cinematography of the movie were amazing too. We saw Gotham City but through fresh new eyes. The Batmobile was all new, but with a classic flair that made it recognizable. There was even humor sprinkled through the darkness that made the movie refreshing.

This Batman movie felt like a stepping stone toward more amazing Batman movies in the future. 

What I didn't love 

The movie nearly lost me in the first five minutes. In the first scene of the movie, I was absolutely confused with what was going on, and trying to figure out if I had stepped into the wrong room of the theater. The scene made sense in the end, but it was definitely a creative choice to put a first-person POV as the first scene of the movie, without explaining anything at all.

The movie definitely was much darker than any Batman or DC movie I’ve ever seen. I think it definitely was enjoyable to watch, but some parts made it feel more like a horror movie rather than a superhero one. With how many dismembered body parts are in this movie (and how many I saw being dismembered), I question if horror should be added as one of its genres.

There was sexual tension between Batman and Selina Kyle, but not enough story to back up a romantic connection. In the three hour movie, we don't see a lot of Batman and Catwoman's backstory together enough for them to care about each other, but they seem to care for each other a lot. Their on-screen time together consists of their introduction, then automatically being romantic with each other (as if they have this connection after only just meeting). It's fine to show sexual tension and interest in one another, but the movie moves quickly, throwing them into this romantic relationship just for the sake of having the connection play out in the film.


To say I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this movie would be an understatement. As a lifelong Marvel fan, a DC movie giving me as much joy as this one did is an utter feat. I think anyone who likes a new-age superhero movie with a great plot, characters, and over-the-top action should go see this movie.

I give ‘The Batman’ a 5 out of 5.