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Podcast: April 21, 2022

On this week’s episode, The Fowling Warehouse brings a new sports attraction to Ypsilanti, and EMU Housing and Residence Life hosts a 'Welcome Home 2025’ webinar. 

On this week’s episode, The Fowling Warehouse brings a new sports attraction to Ypsilanti, and EMU Housing and Residence Life hosts a 'Welcome Home 2025’ webinar.  I am your host, Jacob Walter Kendrick, and this is the Eastern Echo Podcast. 

Starting off, the Fowling Warehouse brings a new sports attraction to Ypsilanti.

Fowling(derived from the combination of Football and Bowling) is a game that consists of two or more people throwing a football at 10 bowling pins and continues until all pins are knocked down. This game does not require keeping score, and there are no frames to aim the ball at.

Originating from a mash-up of football and bowling between friends at a tailgate party in 2001, fowling has since gained popularity throughout the U.S.

Two of the owners of the Fowling Warehouse, Scott Brown and Scott Love, have had plans of building the Ypsilanti warehouse since 2017. 

Love said to the Echo: “We wanted to bring the communities of Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti together. We wanted to introduce the game to this area.”

Ypsilanti Township Supervisor Brenda Stumbo was a part of the ribbon-cutting ceremony held at the grand opening on Thursday, April 14.

Stumbo said to the Echo: “It’s a great way for people to come together. We’re so happy for the redevelopment of the Farmer Jack's that was here and vacant for almost a decade, that we have something with such high energy and opportunity for people to work, play, and enjoy.”

The game is considered open play on a first come, first serve basis and is an activity for the whole family to enjoy.

The lanes are available to be reserved if needed for two hours with up to 10 people in a group. It is recommended to arrive at least 15 minutes ahead of a reservation. 

Over 100 selections of craft beer or choice of non-alcoholic beverages are offered at the warehouse for clients to enjoy. One of the unique features of the Fowling Warehouse would be the ‘bring your own food’ factor. Customers will be given the chance to bring their own food in, whether they choose to have it picked up or delivered straight to the warehouse.

There are six fowling warehouses in the U.S. Two are corporate warehouses in Detroit and Grand Rapids, and the remaining four warehouses are in Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Atlanta, and now Ypsilanti. Two of the owners of the Fowling Warehouse, Scott Brown and Scott Love, have had plans of building the warehouse since 2017. 

The Fowling Warehouse will also be hosting a summer league program, starting on June 7 and running for four consecutive weeks. The league is open to those with and without experience, and the winner of the league will go to the American Fowling Association Championships in 2023.

The Fowling Warehouse is located at 3050 Washtenaw Avenue. Those interested in playing a few games or attending one of their other events can visit their website.

Lastly, EMU Housing and Residence Life hosts 'Welcome Home 2025’ webinar.

“Welcome Home 2025” is a housing plan Eastern Michigan University constructed to transform on-campus student housing to meet the demands of today's academic world.

The project, first announced in December 2021, follows a three-year timeline to make improvements to existing student housing, as well as to construct two new student housing buildings: Lakeview and Westview.

All 3,050 beds at EMU will be new and renovated. A significant portion of the new beds will come from the new housing buildings, with Lakeview providing 400 beds and Westview providing 300 beds.

The plan includes major renovations within residence halls, such as Downing, Phelps, Putnam, Sellers, and Walton. Some minor renovations will occur in EMU’s on-campus apartments, which include Cornell Court, Village Apartments, and 601 West Forest. In addition, the plan includes partial demolition of residence halls and apartments such as Best, Brown/Munson, Buell, Hill, Hoyt, Pittman, and Westview Apartments.

Gilbane Development Company is EMU’s development partner and has multiple projects underway at EMU. They have completed nearly 300 projects at other colleges and universities. Rieth Jones Advisors (RIA) is EMU’s development advisor and provides services for facility development. 

The goal of this project is to complete all housing and new construction before the Fall 2025 academic semester. Some goals for this project are to benefit the student experience and ensure there are enough available beds on campus for students who want to live on campus. 

EMU hopes to incorporate more spaces that resemble the student experience in the new housing plan. Some of these features would include collaboration spaces, interview preparation spaces, and additional group meeting spaces. Other notable new features would include green screen rooms for filming, music practice spaces, and a podcast studio for students to use.

The project will incorporate technology to bring these buildings into the 21st century, with the safety of students at the forefront.

Anthony Sikora, senior project manager, said to the Echo: “We will have security cameras in place with any pathways lit, and we will make sure we have adequate lighting everywhere,”

Jennifer Dilley, director of Campus Relations and Operations, said to the Echo: “Safety is wrapped into all decisions we make. The new building will have fire suppression systems and alerts. Safety is at the center of what we want to achieve.”

Since Jan. 1, the team has interacted with members of the university to gather data to improve and execute their plans. Over 1,850 students and 100 faculty members have participated in these surveys. Additionally, multiple students participated in focus groups alongside many meetings overall to discuss the housing plan.

Jeanette Zalba, Director of Housing and Residence Life, said to the Echo: “Every time you tell us something, we can take it back to the team.”

Those interested in learning more about the project can visit

Thank you for joining us today!

Reported: Brianna Harris, Marie White

Scripted: Tre Briscoe

Produced: Chase Hunter

Host: Jacob Kendrick