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The Eastern Echo Wednesday, June 12, 2024 | Print Archive
The Eastern Echo

3D Arts Complex Rendering

Eastern Michigan University receives $1 million gift from Windgate Foundation

EMU receives additional funding towards the 3D Arts Complex in the School of Art and Design.

Eastern Michigan University received a gift of $1 million from the Windgate Foundation, moving one step closer to building a new 3D Arts Complex for the School of Art and Design.

This gift is additional funding for the project after a $2.2 million investment from the Foundation in 2021. The gift is part of a challenge fund and matching agreement between EMU and the Foundation. 

“The Windgate Foundation and EMU matching grant, along with the initial matching grant, will allow our students and faculty the opportunity to work in one unified 3D Arts Complex,” Sandra Murchison, EMU Professor and Director of the School of Art and Design, said in a statement. “The new space will offer sufficient cross-over between disciplines to create the types of mixed media works that we aim to teach our students to craft.” 

According to EMU, the new complex is designed to help advance opportunities for students in many art forms by providing a new space. The Complex will be home to the digital fabrication, furniture design, 3D design, metalsmithing, sculpture, and ceramics programs which are currently operated in many different buildings on campus. 

Additionally, the Complex will also hold summer workshops for residents of all ages from Washtenaw County through partnerships with organizations like Riverside Arts Center.

The Complex is estimated to be around 24,000 sq. ft. and is scheduled to be constructed on the northwest corner of campus by April 30, 2023. It will cost approximately $7.5 million.