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The Eastern Echo Thursday, June 20, 2024 | Print Archive
The Eastern Echo

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5K Race and Walk for Literacy Awareness will be held on EMU's campus

The third annual 5K Race/Walk for Literary Awareness will kick off Saturday, Aug. 20, at EMU campus.

The 5K Race/Walk for Literacy Awareness event will be held on Eastern Michigan University's campus on Aug. 20. 

The event has been renamed the Elijah & Chase Reading Matters for Literacy in honor of two individuals who took advantage of literacy programs to improve their reading skills. 

Elijah Craft was a senior year students reading at a second-grade level and is now a motivational speaker. Chase Byers was 4-years-old when he signed up for MI-RAMP, learned how to read at the age of five, and is now on a path to greatness.

"The program has impacted the Black community first and foremost by bringing attention to the crisis," Eric Brown, founder, president, and CEO of the program said. "It allows me to collaborate with literacy organizations and bring awareness to their existence.  People are learning that help is available for those that need assistance with the deficient literacy skills that they have."

This event will continue to support the inner city of boys and girls and will not restrict their chance at success. They will also be presenting literacy organizations such as Beyond Basics, Brilliant Detroit, T.Lab Global, and others to the community so that the services that they provide can be shared with the public. These organizations are available to assist anyone with literacy issues. 

"By participating in the 5K event, people are able to gain awareness of the severe crisis that exists in this country, and through collaborations with literacy organizations that set up along the path of the event, people become aware of the numerous programs available to assist the public,” Brown said. 

According to the event's website, 75 percent of Black boys K-12 are reading below their grade level. This event will help bring awareness to the literacy problem in the United States.

People can sign up by requesting a registration form by the organization's email. For more information about the event and how to donate, visit the event’s website.