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The Eastern Echo Wednesday, June 12, 2024 | Print Archive
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A look into Washtenaw County’s August primary elections

Washtenaw County has elections coming up August 2022 and many candidates are running, some even for reelection.

Primary elections for Michigan will start Aug. 2 and Washtenaw County may be getting new commissioners for all of its 9 districts. 

Michigan recently announced that 19 candidates of the Primary election have been booted off due to fraud or petition errors. Issac Leon London who was running for District 54 for Ypsilanti was the only one disqualified from the Washtenaw ballot. Others candidates including Ken Schwartz and Morgan Foreman have withdrawn from the ballot.

Washtenaw County has nine districts and each has its own County Commissioner. Commissioners have the authority and the responsibility to make policies for the county, and depending on who the public votes for, a lot of them can change. 

Here’s an overview of each Washtenaw County district:

Michigan Senate District 14

Tim Golding is the only Republican running for election in Michigan’s 14th District.

Washtenaw County Board of Commissioners Chair Sue Shink, Kelsey Heck Wood, and Val Cochran Toops will all be running as Democrats.

District 14 encompasses northern Ann Arbor, the north-western part of Washtenaw County, and part of Jackson County.

Michigan Senate District 15

Currently, Sen. Jeff Irwin is the only Democrat running for election in Michigan's new 15th District.

Wyckham Seelig of Lodi Township and Scott Price are Irwin's Republican challengers.

Michigan House District 23

Jason Morgan of Ann Arbor is a Democrat and he will be running for state representative against his Republican challenger, Richard L. Sharland.

District 23 covers much of Ann Arbor including some of Salem Township. 

Michigan House District 31

Both Dale Biniecki and Holli Vallade are Republicans running for state representative against Reggie Miller and Glenn R. Morrison Jr. who are both Democrats.

This seat encompasses some of both Washtenaw and Waynce counties.

Michigan House District 32

Martin A. Church is the only Republican running for this seat against six Democrats including Jimmie Wilson Jr, Roderick Casey Sr., Robyn Lynn McCoy, Marshall Averill, Isaac London, and Carol Smith.

District 32 encompasses the city of Ypsilanti, Ypsilanti Township, and part of Superior Township. 

Michigan House District 33

Democrat Felicia Brabec is running for state representative against Republican Robert Borer III. 

District 33 covers much of Ann Arbor and parts of Washtenaw County.

Michigan House District 47

Both James Johnson Jr. and Carrie Rheingans are Democrats running for state representative against Tina Bednarski-Lynch and Teresa Spiegelberg who are both Republicans.

District 47 includes northwest Ann Arbor and covers part of western Washtenaw County and some of Jackson County.

Michigan House District 48

Republicans Jason Negri and Jason Woolford are both running for state representative against Jennifer Conlin (formerly Jennifer Conlin Rivkin), their Democratic challenger.

This district includes northern Ann Arbor and parts of Washtenaw and Jackson counties.

Ypsilanti City Council

Mayor Lois Allen-Richardson of Ypsilanti will be running to be reelected as mayor against Council Member Anthony Morgan and Mayor Pro-Tem Nicole Brown.