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The Eastern Echo Sunday, June 23, 2024 | Print Archive
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Review: Get ready to headbang with Killboy's new song 'Nails'

Killboy has been working her way through the rock genre for a short time now, but she is just getting started.

Not every day do you find someone who makes music like today’s newer artists. Killboy has undoubtedly pushed the envelope regarding the rock genre, giving it an interesting spin with sounds similar to that of 100 Gecs.

Killboy came from a small, conservative town, and one day during her college years, she decided to make music. Not too long after, she dropped everything and moved to California to pursue her dreams. From “WHEREDAFUCC” to “Travis,” Killboy has been on a roll since 2019.

Recently, she jetted off to support Sueco on his “It Was Good While It Lasted” tour and brought out the catchy rock tune “Nails,” which is sure to make the audience pay attention.

Photo Credit: Jimmy Fontaine

Lyrical Overview - 7/10

The opening line itself is enough to bring in the listeners, but the lyrical creativity does not stop there.

Killboy does well in the way of being blunt and using creative imagery to make the listener ponder. The bluntness comes in the chorus, which blatantly says no metaphor can describe how much she wants this person to leave.

Of course, the vulgarity of the song stays true to its genre. A lot of modern rock songs tend to use curse words to get a point across. Though it is not always palatable to have so much vulgar language in a single, it seems like it is necessary for the context of the song to be about how much someone hates someone.

Photo Credit: Jimmy Fontaine

Musical Overview - 9.5/10

There is so much that can be said about the musicality of this song. The beginning of the track lures the listener in, making them believe that the song is going to be relatively easy to listen to for the average person. 

However, if they know who Killboy is, they should not let their guard down. 

Directly after being misled, the first verse and the vocals kick in. The electronic drum beats add something to the song that has become fairly new to the genre over the past couple of years, and that ends up being scattered throughout the first verse, then the powerhouse of the song enters. 

The chorus brings in the electric guitars that many have come to love, keeping that steady beat alongside the drums until the repeat of the chorus, where it gives the listener a riff that is going to linger in their brain for days. 

Overall - 8.25/10

It would be a shame to skip out on this supporting act of Sueco’s tour. Killboy is an artist that knows how to use her potential, and with songs like “Nails,'' there is no doubt her following will grow exponentially.